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Gotta Do More To Make More Money - Cherry Popping Time

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Mike Robbins, Jeremy Sparks

Broke Straight Boys welcomes back Jeremy along with Mike R. They are both in the studio today to do a continuation of their oral scene together; an anal shoot. Although Jeremy is nervous about getting a dick up his ass for the first time, he is willing to give it a shot as he needs the money. I decided to keep Mike and Jeremy together as they got along really well in their oral scene and I knew that they would make a great video. The conversation drifted into how Mike got started on BSB before continuing on to how much the boys were going to get paid for doing the shoot. Jeremy decided that $800 would be ok for bottoming for his first time while Mike wanted his usual $1000 for topping so in the end, I said I would give them both $1000. The boys stood up, clothes going every which way as they undressed. Sitting back down on the futon, Mike wanted to watch the porn he had on his personal laptop which was from a site that featured Asian women. Luckily, Jeremy was really into it as well. With both Jeremy and Mike hard as rock, Mike told Jeremy to start sucking cock and with a jaunty 'yes Sergeant, Jeremy bent over and swallowed down Mikes rock hard cock. Jeremy's head bobbed up and down as he rolled Mike's balls in one hand even as Mike reached around and started to pull on Jeremy's erect dick. From the way Mike was moaning, Jeremy had obviously picked up some skills from his oral scene with Mike only a day before. Jeremy experimented with turning his head on different angles and rubbing the cock head on the inside of his cheek, all making Mike moan for more. Mike was loving the blowjob so much, he pushed Jeremy's head down to make him go deep. They swapped; Jeremy leaning back into the futon as Mike leaned over and put his hard earned skills to use. Mike wrapped one hand around his own dick while blowing Jeremy. Mike had Jeremy moaning and panting hard in only moments, Mike's head bobbing up and down as he worked hard. Finally, Jeremy was ready to get fucked for the first time. With both boys prepared, they decided to do something a little different; Jeremy was going to sit on Mike's cock for his first time. So with Mike sitting on the futon, Jeremy straddled his thighs and slowly started to sink down on the hard cock. It was a bold move as Jeremy was the one who was doing all the hard work. Almost right away, Jeremy was able to set a steady pace as he rose up and then back down, working the cock in and out of his virgin ass. Panting hard barely a minute into it, Jeremy grabbed his dick and balls, lifting them so I could get a good shot of Mike's cock sliding in and out of his ass. Jeremy's legs were getting tired from the strain of the difficult position so they opened up the futon. Down on his hands and knees, Jeremy reached behind him and guided Mike's dick into his ass again. Mike was able to start pounding Jeremy's ass almost immediately, Jeremy groaning on every thrust even as he tugged on his own cock. Grabbing Jeremy by the hips, Mike pulled him in close and went to town on his ass, pumping in and out with a vengeance even as Jeremy kept moaning. They flipped to Jeremy on his back, with Jeremy's legs spread wide, Mike knelt in between them, sliding into the tight ass once more. Jerking himself off as Mike thrust in and out in a slow, sedate pace, it was clear that Jeremy was getting to like being fucked. As Jeremy continued to wank off, Mike picked up the pace and soon, it looked like Jeremy was ready to cum. Sure enough, cum splashed over Jeremy's stomach and pubes even as Mike kept slowly fucking him. Almost out of breathe, Mike pounded away at Jeremy's ass, chasing his own release. A few minutes later, and Mike sprayed cum down the entire length of Jeremy's torso. As a joke, I told Jeremy that any BSB that came with a dick up his ass, had to lick the cum off the dick. Jeremy took it as a challenge and immediately sat up and licked the cum off Mike's dick. Somewhat amazed at a straight boy tasting cum, I told Jeremy he had just earned an extra $100. Both boys did a fantastic job in today's scene and I'm sure that they will be back in the studio sometime very soon.

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