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Preston & Mike Love Their Tattoos & Making Money

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Mike Robbins, Preston

One day Mike called me up asking if I could get him another shoot, and at the time I just didn't have anyone to pair him up with. I told him that I would see what I could do, but that it really had to be with someone new. The next day Mike called me back and said that he had a friend that was interested in doing a shoot and if that would work. I talked to his friend Preston on the phone for a bit just to make sure that he would be a good fit. I arrange for them both to come into the studio and they were going to jerk off, just because it would be Preston's first time. The day they arrived at the studio, right away I picked up on Preston's sense of humor and that he liked to laugh. Both the guys went and took a seat on the couch and were ready to get started filming. I told Mike that the members of the site loved him and he loves them right back. He happens to be one of my favorite models to work with because of his personality, and his easy going attitude. We talked about Preston for a while and how he happens to always be broke, and that he spends his free time surfing and skateboarding. Both guys had a couple of tattoos and showed them to me on the different parts of their body. I asked Preston if Mike was clear on what we do here in the studio and he said yes. I asked if he was going to freak out jerking off next to another guy for the first time, and he said that things were going to be fine. I told him that maybe after the shoot the two of them could become lovers and live together. Preston told me that his girlfriend probably wouldn't like that very much and that there was no way he could see himself with another guy. We talked through what was going to happen and that I wanted to have a contest between the two of them. I wanted to see which one was going to shoot the furthest and the biggest size load would win $500. That was when Preston spoke up and said that he is a shooter too, so Mike might be in for a run for his money. Once we had the money out of the way we had to go for the clothes next. I had them start with their shirts, and then asked them to stand up in order to get a better view of their bodies. Before I put on the porn I told them to go for their pants, and we talked a little bit. Now, from the other shoots that Mike has been in he has always shot a huge load into the air and all over himself. I found out the Preston happens to be broke and still living at home, so this money was going to help him out. As for Mike he recently broke up with his girlfriend, after they had a romantic evening in a very nice hotel room. Taking a seat in their underwear I told them again that they looked good next to each other, and that they could run off to Iowa and get married. Neither one seemed down for my plan, so they started to watch the straight porn that I had on for them to watch. Both guys stroked their dicks with their underwear on, and we talked about where they liked to watch their porn. Preston liked to watch his on DVD, and Mike liked to watch his online. I had both guys take off their underwear, so that they could be fully naked for us. Preston spit in his hand a couple of times to jerk off with it, and I pointed out that he could use some lube on the side table next to him. He squirted some in his hand and then gave some to Mike to use. I caught Mike playing inflatable penis with his dick, and had him show the camera a couple of times. After that though, the guys got busy concentrating on the porn and jerking off. It was a countdown to see which one of them was going to blow the most and the furthest and this was going to be a good contest. Preston was the first one to give me a warning that he was getting close, it took him a few seconds more, but then the cum started flying. When he came, several shots of cum went all over his body. Some all the way up to his armpit and down his side, and underneath his nipples. It was clear that Preston was not in this to lose. It took Mike a little while to work up to getting off, and when he did he didn't shoot his load as far at all. He still had a decent size load, and so for that Preston was still getting the better prize. I told Preston that he had to come back for another competition in a shoot and that he could make even more money. That seemed to spark some interests, so I will see what I can do about having him back into the studio.

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