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These Coworkers Do A Threeway With Another DudeAdd Movie to your Favorites
Mikey, Mike Robbins, Chasen

I brought in both Mike's and Chasen to do a shoot for us, and to make it a little easier to tell the Mikes apart. We decided that gay Mike in the middle would go by Mike, while the one on the end would go by Michael. The plan was that I wanted both of them to fuck Chasen, who was our straight boy who was handling doing anal very well. I knew that he would be up for the money, I just didn't know if he would be able to handle two guys fucking him in one shoot. He told me yes, but the other two boys joked around about doing double penetration on Chasen. When I told them that it didn't matter to me, that I just wanted to see them fuck, Chasen seemed down for two dicks at once as long as he made some extra money. Also, as an added bonus I wanted Mike in the middle to get fucked as well, because he has only bottom once before and that was for our Christmas special. In this shoot we had all of our bases covered. We had our gay boy in the middle, Michael who has slowly been turning a little bi-sexual on us, and then our straight boy on the other end Chasen. To get started I had the guys start with taking off their shirts, and then they seemed to be waiting for my next command. Having them go for their shoes and pants I noticed that things got a little more active between the three of them. Once they were in their underwear, some bright orange briefs caught my attention on Chasen. I just wanted to point out that we have seen more straight guys in south Florida wearing designer underwear lately. Putting on the porn for them to watch, I wanted them to get hard for me in order for us to start the oral. Michael chimed in that he was already hard and ready to go. I still needed to give time to the other two boys. And so I just went ahead and told them to strip out of their underwear and jerk themselves off for a minute. As they sat there jerking off I noticed that they looked like the AT&T bars commercial on TV. They seemed like they were ready for oral, so I told them that we were going to do the Broke Straight Boys dick-sucking wave. That was where the dick sucking goes all the way to the left, and then they switch things up and go to in the other direction. Mike and Chasen were busy sucking cock and it seemed like every cock that was getting sucked was hard, so we switched and went in the other direction. As gay Mike was giving oral to Chasen, I brought up the fact that Chasen had just wiped off his dick before the shoot from the pussy juice of a 26 year old girl that he had fucked just a couple hours before the shoot. Chasen's cock happens to be a monster size that I knew that even two guys could have enough to suck on. He seemed to be enjoying the head he was getting from both Mikes and I tried to get him to jerk the other guys off while he got head. Chasen rubbed Michael�s head and back as he gave head and pushed down every once in a while to make him take more of a mouthful. When the guys were ready we changed up the futon into a bed to get ready for the fucking. We needed to start with Michael's more average size cock with Chasen's hole, before we went to Mike's large cock. Chasen started out getting fucked on his back with his legs up in the air. Michael was able to push his dick all the way in without any issues and started to pound away at Chasen's hole. One thing was for sure Chasen did a lot of moaning in that shoot, but it seemed like he had a think for taking a cock up the ass. When it seemed like Mike was ready it told them to switch places, but Michael didn't want to stop right away. Mike did get his cock into Chasen's ass and then he just sat there only moving a little to keep his dick stimulated, but Michael was instructed to get a new condom on and then put his dick in Mike's hole. That was going to be tricky with this shoot being his second chance at taking anal. Every attempt that Michael seemed to make, Mike would pull away. It seemed like Chasen our straight boy was being more of a man. Finally, when Mike just relaxed enough Michael was able to get all the way in, but at this point Mike was resting all of his body weight down on Chasen. The guys got to the best part when the three of them fucked in a long train and Mike was taking and giving anal. It seemed like with a dick in his ass he was more motivated to pound the hell out of Chasen's ass. After a bit though Mike had enough, and Michael jus went back to fucking Chasen for a bit. I wanted to get some more fucking to see if Chasen could get off from the fucking. The guys were working up a sweat from all the sex they were having and were ready to just jerk off. They all three lined up on the back of the bed against the wall and started to stroke one out. I even give a little wager to see which one would blow first. Mike was the first one to give me a warning. He came shooting his load on his lower stomach, and then Chasen was next shooting his load on his stomach and hand. Last to go was Michael, and I told him that I wanted to see a self-facial. He seemed down for at least giving it a shot. He held back as long as he could, but most of the load ended up on Chasen's arm instead. After that they were ready to hit the showers and clean the lube out of their asses.

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