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They Did The Fist Pound & Next They Will Pound Some Male Ass

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Mike Robbins, Scott Dea, Jordan Grant

I paired the dynamic duo boys, Jordan and Mike, with Scott, one of our newest models who has been with us only a couple of shoots now. Scott is bisexual and has been experimenting with boys here on Broke Straight Boys, and he even bottomed for the first time with us. I wanted to see him in some more action and so what I did was put him with the two guys that I knew would pound the hell out of him. Both Jordan and Mike have done shoots together before and have proven to have a lot of fun working side-by-side. To keep that enthusiasm and fun going, I told them that they would be topping Scott in this shoot, and they both had no problem with that. I explained to Scott that I would pay him $1500 for doing the shoot, and then afterward he and I would decide what we would pay the straight boys. This would give Jordan and Mike an incentive to do a good job and make the shoot one of the best in order to walk out with a huge checks in their hands. On top of that money, I also told them that if Scott got off getting fucked I would give that guy an extra $300 on top of whatever they got. Jordan especially liked the sound of more money, so he was pumped to get started. Scott was visiting us from Brooklyn, NY, where he goes to school and lives in a one bedroom apartment. While coming down here on a break, he made enough money to pay his rent for two months--a huge relief for Scott. After all the money talk was out of the way, everyone was ready to get started. The guys stood up to take their shirts off and it appeared that both Scott and Jordan both had been spending some time outside in the sun, because they didn't blend in with the walls behind them. All of them were too quick to take a seat as I told them to just keep going for more of their clothes. Stripping out of their pants and shorts, they got down to their underwear and then it was okay for them to sit down on the couch. I asked the guys if they wanted me to put on some porn or if they thought they could do it on their own. All of them said they wanted something on, after I had something running I turned around to find each of them jerking off and trying to get their cocks hard. The straight guys were going to need some help, so I had Scott start with giving head to Mike first. Scott got sucking on Mike's cock that was through the fly of his boxers. Mike seemed to be enjoying it because he rested his head back on the couch and he just let Scott's mouth do all the work. Jordan was sitting on the other end of the couch just watching all the action that he was missing out on. I told him that he could take off his underwear and Scott's too, and to do that he stood up to slide off Scott's briefs. In order for them to come off Scott had to stand up, and as he returned to taking a position back on the couch he got on his hands and knees. With his hand, Jordan smacked Scott's ass so hard that it left a red mark that clearly showed each finger. I had Scott go ahead and turn around to give Jordan oral for a while. That's just what Jordan was waiting for, because he placed his hand on the back of Scott's head and didn't let his mouth come up for one break. Jordan also gave him a warning that he better not feel any of Scott's braces rub on his dick or else. To get Mike started doing something else, I had him get a condom on and get ready to fuck Scott. He seemed to want to hold back on wanting to go first, but I told him to just do it. When his dick was ready, he slipped it deep inside Scott's tight little hole. With one smooth move his cock went right in. Mike began working on building up his speed and going harder as he pounded the hell out of Scott's ass. Jordan kept Scott's mouth busy sucking on his dick and deep-throating him almost the whole entire time. Then, Mike asked Jordan if he was ready to take a turn at fucking Scott. Hell yes he was! Jordan and the guys turned the couch into a bed, and everyone got into position. Jordan was aggressive in dominating over Scott as much as he could. Grabbing on to the back of Scott's head, Jordan made him to suck most of Mike's cock in his mouth at one time. Both straight boys were enjoying the shoot so far, in that they were treating Scott like their personal slave to do whatever they wanted. The boys decided to switch again and this time Mike laid on his back on the bed, and Scott then climbed on top of him sitting so that he could ride the dick for a change. Jordan yelled out that he had an idea just come to him and that's when he climbed right up on the bed and stood over Mike in front of Scott. This way Mike would get to fuck Scott, and Jordan would keep hard by getting oral. They were able to keep things going for a while and Jordan even had to brace himself on the wall to keep from falling over. Jordan said that he wanted one last turn with fucking Scott, so they were going to put Scott on his back. All of them were quick to move because none of them wanted to lose their boners. Scott really started to moan and it was clear that in this position Jordan's dick got deeper than it had so far. Jordan went as fast as he could and to help out he asked Mike to take hold of Scott's feet. I did notice at this point Scott grabbed his dick and started jerking off. He was able to get hard in no time and then with no warning the cum came squirting out on to his stomach. Jordan wanted to keep being able to fuck, so he had Mike put his dick in Scott's mouth and keep it there. There wasn't much time after that before Jordan pulled out and jerked his cock a couple of time and then shot his load right onto Scott's stomach. Once Jordan was finished, than Mike took his cock out of Scott's mouth and started to jerk off. That's when the straight boys decided that Mike was going to squirt his load all over Scott's face giving him a facial he would remember. Sure enough, when Mike came it was just like a geyser, unloading all over Scott's face. He was covered in cum and he couldn't open his mouth or eyes, and it was going in every crack. Giving him a wash cloth to clean up the mess, I then had the guys sit on the edge of the bed and they all seemed like they had had a lot of fun. When I asked Scott how much each of the straight boys were going to make he came to the decision that Mike should get $1500 for shooting the most cum, and Jordan comes in close making $1400. Jordan snapped back and said that next time he's in a shoot with Scott he would pound him a lot harder. After they were done all of them said they were hungry from their workout, so we went and grabbed some pizza before they went their separate ways.

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