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Kaden Porter Gay Porn Videos

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  • Age: 19
  • Height: 5.9 (175cm)
  • Weight: 145
  • Shoe: 10 US (44 EU)
  • Cock: 6.5 (17cm) Cut
  • Performer Rating: 4.35/5

In his own words:

"I'm a lot like the sky. Calming and energetic. I love life and wake up every morning ready to make memories."

Our comments:

"More of a wild side to him compared to his brother, but calm mannered and fun to be around."

  • Kaden's Sweet Ass Fucked By Damien

    Kaden gets his sweet ass fucked by Damien, begging for it harder and deeper until they both finish with a huge load of cum!

  • Drake Fucks Kadens Tight Boy Hole

    Kaden gets his tight little ass pounded hard by Drake's thick cock, taking every inch of that bareback dick and shooting a nice load for you!

  • Jos Puts His Big Thick Cock In Him

    Jos and Kaden's chemistry gets hotter and sexier as these two studs go down on each other and then Kaden's ass gets filled with Jos's fat and hard dick!

  • Jared Marzdon Dominates Kaden

    The very sexy Jared Marzdon is in the studio with Kaden Porter, and after they get each other hard Kaden takes Jared's long shaft in his tight ass until he cums!

  • Kaden Porter Fucks Shawn Andrews

    Shawn takes Kaden's big cock all the way up his tight ass, getting fucked raw until both guys stroke out a huge load!

  • Kaden Porter Fucks Issac Lin Raw

    Kaden Porter is back, this time to dominate Issac Lin's tight ass until he explodes! But not before Kaden eats out Issac's sweet ass and sucks his cock...

  • Rowan Adams Fucks Kaden Porter Raw

    After some cock sucking and rimjobs, Kaden gets his ass stretched by Rowan's fat cock as he takes that bareback dick until they both cum!

  • Kaden Porter Fucks Oliver Saxon

    After some sucking and rimming, Kaden bends Oliver over and claims that tight ass, fucking him raw until both these guys shoot a huge load!

  • Chaz Berling And Kaden Porter

    Chaz and Kaden have some amazing energy in this sexy scene, and these guys are ready to fuck and suck, giving head and taking cock until they both cum hard!

  • Haunted Halloween Straight Talk

    Happy Halloween. After a long day of shooting the boys relax and spend some time having some straight talk with Sha.

  • The Two Kaden's Fuck Raw

    We've got Kaden Alexander and Kaden Porter in the studio today, and we're excited to see how our two Kaden's get down and dirty with each other!

  • Kaden Porter And Junior Fernandez

    We hope you enjoy watching Kaden and Junior suck each other's cocks before Junior takes Kaden's big dick up his ass!

  • Kaden & Zach Suck Cock Then Fuck

    Kaden and Zach have got a very hot scene planned for you full of cock-sucking, ass-licking, fucking and Zach getting a mouth full of his own cum...

  • Kaden & Ronan Flip Fuck Raw Bare

    We've got the sexy and suave Ronan back in the studio and have paired him with easygoing Kaden to help him ease back into things. We hope you enjoy watching these two flip fuck and finish with some facials!

  • Devon Felix Fucks Kaden Porter Raw

    Devon Felix warms Kaden Porter up with some oral before going for that tight ass, but once he's in he goes deep, hard and raw until both these guys are satisfied!

  • Two Virgin Guys Lose Their Ass Virginity

    Both Kaden Porter and Brandon Evans have never bottomed until today. Kaden comments that his twin brother enjoys it so technically he should too? Watch this hot gay porn scene and see what happens

  • The Making Of Kaden And Chandler

    Take a peek behind the scenes at the making of Kaden Porter and Chandler Scott's steamy scene together!

  • Kaden Porter Fucks Chandler Scott

    Chandler Scott gets his ass pounded hard by Kaden Porter's bareback dick, and we're sure you'll enjoy all the cock-sucking and foreplay that get these guys going!

  • Jesse Avalon Fucks Kaden Porter Raw

    Kaden Porter needs a cock up his ass, and Jesse Avalon is there to satisfy that need as he fucks Kaden raw and deep!

  • Kaden Directs Jesse And Kyle

    In this BTS look at scene directing, our own Kaden Porter steps up to direct Kyle Porter and Jesse Avalon's scene...and from the looks of it it's going to be pretty hot!

  • Kaden Porter Tops David Hardy Raw

    David Hardy takes charge with newbie Kaden Porter, taking his mind off the lights and camera and taking him to new heights of pleasure as they suck cock, eat ass and fuck raw!

  • Gay Porn Stars Vadim & Devon

    Recently, our own Vadim Black and Devon Felix were featured on a reality TV show, and we get to watch along with our models as they react to the show! Take a look at this raw and real BTS first look.

  • Where In The World Is Abram Hoffer

    Check out this admittedly corny BTS video as our guys have a little bit of fun on their last trip out to Florida!

  • Pool Boys Get Tan Then Get Fucked

    After they get each other hot and hard, Tanner Valentino gets his ass pounded by Kaden Porter's naked cock until they both bust a nut!

  • Kaden Porter Tops Zander Floyd Raw

    Zander Floyd and Kaden Porter have become fast friends, so let's see if that friendship can withstand some cock-sucking and raw ass-fucking action!

  • Vadim Asks Which Twin He Will Be Fucking

    Newbie Kaden Porter is still a little uncomfortable on the camera, but it seems like his scene partner Vadim Black does a damn good job at distracting him as they suck and fuck until they're both covered in cum!

  • Zeno Gets The Twin Confused With His Bro

    Zeno Kostas shows Kaden Porter some of his hot strip moves and Kaden can't help but bury his face between Zeno's ass then fuck it!

  • Kaden Fucks A Dudes Ass For First Time

    Kaden Porter is back for more, and we've got Gage Owens here to break him in! Enjoy watching newbie Kaden dominate Gage's ass. And he said he just here for the money...

  • These Twin Brothers Jerk Off

    Brothers Kyle and Kaden Porter are ready to jerk themselves off next to each other for the first time...they may look identical, but lets see who can shoot the bigger load!

  • Twin Brothers Do Gay Porn Behind Scenes

    We're bringing two twin brothers to the studio today in this behind the scenes look at Kyle and Kaden Porter! Learn about these brothers as they share their thoughts and their stories!

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  • anonymous on 03/31/2023

    He will be missed, unfortunately he has passed away.

    • Enchantedlover50 on 05/29/2023

      When did Kaden pass away?

    • Ronjon on 08/17/2020

      You make great porn Kaden Porter. Thanks!

      • jhhone on 05/04/2019

        Whatever happened to Kaden? It's been 2 years since he's been on here! He's my favorite BSB model! His twin kind of fizzled out but Kaden had real superstar potential! Please, Bring him back!

        • jocby8686 on 03/21/2019

          He was great! Turned into one of the best bottoms!

          • wdamonr on 06/07/2018

            Bring back Kaden!!

            • Journey77 on 10/23/2016

              Kaden has come along really nice. Seems real nice and had a nice furry but. Versitle too. I watch for his new scenes.

              • AzDad4Son on 10/02/2016

                Was back home in Missouri a few months ago. Kind of accidentally ran into Kaden. He's got to be the most polite young man ever. i mean I'm 57 yrs old yet he took time to talk a bit. Very appreciative towards his fan base. As he told me, without his fans...... He'd be just another guy. Well, fans or not............ He's a super special young man. Should he ever make it out to the Phoenix area...... I'd buy him dinner. :)

                • ashton on 05/19/2016

                  Anybody know what happened to the twins?

                  • geomir77 on 04/02/2016

                    Brothers together is great and twins super hot.

                    • raymondo on 02/26/2016

                      THIS GUY NEEDS TO FLIP