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Devon Felix Fucks Kaden Porter Bareback

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Devon Felix, Kaden Porter

Devon Felix and Kaden Porter don’t waste any time with small talk, these boys know why they’re here and what they want, and they go right for it!  They rip each other’s clothes off as they make out, Devon getting Kaden’s pants off and going for that sweet cock, sucking it as he gets Kaden all worked up with that skilled tongue!

When Devon’s pants come off next, Kaden takes that long shaft in his mouth and gets it deep down his throat, making it grow and then getting into some 69ing action so that they can both get some head!  When the guys are hard and ready to fuck, Kaden bends over on the bed and bares his tight ass for Devon, letting Devon stick him with his hard, thick, bareback cock as Kaden arches his back and takes it deep. 

They try a few hot positions, each one stretching Kaden’s hole more and more until he gets on top of Devon and rides that dick, taking it slow as he grinds his ass on Devon’s manhood.  When Devon gets Kaden to lie down on his back, Kaden grabs his own cock and strokes out a load, and the sight of all that cum makes Devon pull out and add his own load to it!

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