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Jared Marzdon Bareback Fucks Kaden Porter

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Kaden Porter, Jared Marzdon

Jared Marzdon and Kaden Porter have some sexy chemistry going on between them, and when they get started Jared covers every inch of Kaden in kisses as he teases his cock through his pants. They strip down and Kaden gets a mouth full of Jared’s hard cock as he gives him head and sucks on his balls. When they start to 69, Jared gives Kaden some oral and gets his ass eaten by Kaden who gives that fine ass a little smack as he rims Jared’s tight hole.  They swap positions so that Kaden’s on top getting his ass rimmed by Jared and when Jared’s got Kaden’s ass lubed up and relaxed he slowly pushes his cock inside of it. 

Kaden rides Jared’s bareback dick while he strokes his own hard member, moving his hips back and forth and making Jared’s balls bounce as they fuck raw and hard.  They make out before trying a different position that lets Jared get even deeper into Kaden’s sore ass and then Jared pulls Kaden to the edge of the bed and takes him.  Jared’s balls smack against Kaden’s ass as he pounds him faster until he fucks the cum right out of Kaden and then pulls out and shoots his own load, making a mess out of Kaden and getting a taste of his own jizz before calling it a day!

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