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Kaden Porter Fucks Shawn Andrews Bareback

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Kaden Porter, Shawn Andrews

Kaden Porter and Shawn Andrews have some sexy chemistry and when they get to kissing, Kaden can hardly wait to make his way down to Shawn’s big cock and get a good taste of that meat.  He sucks Shawn’s hard dick and licks his balls, making Shawn’s cock grow even longer on his tongue before he bends Shawn over, spreads that ass and eats it out. 

After Kaden has warmed Shawn’s ass up with a rimjob and his finger, he lines his cock up with that tight hole and shoves his dick inside, filling Shawn up with that fat prick as he pumps it in and out slowly.  They kiss as Kaden fucks Shawn bareback, slamming his hard member into Shawn and then giving his ass a break so that Kaden can enjoy some oral as Shawn goes down on him. It’s not long before they’re ready to give up the cock-sucking and get back to raw fucking and Shawn rides Kaden’s cock to orgasm, cumming all over and then sitting back and letting Kaden bust a nut, exchanging a few more kisses before they go get cleaned up!

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