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Kaden Porter Fucks Junior Fernandez RawAdd Movie to your Favorites
Kaden Porter, Junior Fernandez

Kaden Porter and Junior Fernandez are a sexy pair and they don’t waste much time getting to the good stuff as they kiss and undress, Junior working his way down to Kaden’s cock and sucking that sweet dick. When Kaden’s grown hard on Junior’s tongue then it’s Junior’s turn for some oral as Kaden deepthroats that thick prick and they make out some more.  Junior wouldn’t mind Kaden’s mouth on his cock for a while longer, but Kaden is ready to fuck and he bends Junior over on all fours and slowly pushes his bareback dick into Junior’s tight hole. 

Junior moans as Kaden gets balls deep in his ass, fucking him so hard that each thrust makes Junior’s ass bounce but all Junior can do is beg for more as he gets pounded from behind.  They change positions and Junior gets on his back, Kaden’s dick buried deep in his ass as he spreads his legs and takes that cock, playing with himself while he gest fucked raw. Junior works his dick, stroking his long shaft harder and faster until he explodes all over and then lets Kaden pull out and shoot his load across Junior’s chest!

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