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Jesse Avalon Fucks Kaden Porter Bareback

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Kaden Porter, Jesse Avalon

Kaden Porter has become quite the assertive the guy, not afraid to make a bold move when he catches Jesse Avalon lounging on the bed in his boxers.  In fact, he rips the phone right out of Jesse’s hand and kisses him hard, getting him out of those underwear and putting Jesse’s big dick in his mouth, sucking on that sweet cock until it’s his turn for some oral

Kaden straddles Jesse and face fucks him, jamming his hard shaft down Jesse’s throat and making him gag on it, but when Kaden is ready for cock, he lowers his ass onto Jesse’s thick cock and fucks him hard.  Kaden rides that bareback cock and then gets on his back and lets Jesse do the dirty work, pounding him hard while Kaden moans and tugs on his own dick.  A few more deep thrusts and Jesse is unloading his hot cum into Kaden’s tight ass, fucking him with that jizz as Kaden jerks his cock faster and busts a nut, letting Jesse have a taste of it as he finishes. 

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