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  • Age: 21
  • Height: 5.7 (170cm)
  • Weight: 145 (66 kg)
  • Shoe: 9 US (43 EU)
  • Cock: 7.0 (18cm) Cut
  • Performer Rating: 4.44/5

In his own words:

"I was looking for a real job and this was the best way to make some quick cash. "

Our comments:

"At first, Tyler appears like a badass but after we got to know him we couldn't help but fall for his irresistable charm."

  • Tyler White Fucks Ronan Kennedy Raw 04-19-2015

    Who's got the bigger dick, Tyler White or Ronan Kennedy? Watch as these boys settle the debate by getting each other hard then getting each other off!

  • Colt Dixon And Tyler White 04-08-2015

    Colt Dixon gets to learn the art of sucking cock, and expert Tyler White is here to teach him! He may be hesitant to put a dick in his mouth, but by the end of the scene he's sucking and 69ing like he's done it before!

  • Cage Kafig And Tyler White Bareback 03-15-2015

    Tyler White hates to bottom, but he gets to take Cage Kafig's cock in this sexy flip scene! Watch as these boys fuck each other raw!

  • Ian Dempsey And Tyler White Raw 12-28-2014

    Tyler White claims Ian Dempsey's ass in this hot new scene! Watch as these two horny guys go at it and Tyler shoots his load onto Ian's asshole then fucks him with the cum!

  • Dakota, Ian And Tyler Fuck Raw 12-05-2014

    Ian Dempsey, Dakota Ford and Tyler White start off lifting weights together…but then these three decide on a different form of exercise! Ian bottoms for these two as they fuck raw and hard!

  • Tyler White And Abram Hoffer 11-30-2014

    Abram Hoffer kicks off this super sexy scene in the shower letting the warm water cascade down his hot, toned body and hard cock as he runs his hands all over himself. He stretches as he washes himself, showing off his physique before Tyler White walks in.

  • Zak Parker And Tyler White 11-26-2014

    Zak Parker and Tyler White are ready to bust a nut, and they know the quickest and hottest way to do it! These two studs start with some oral and end with some ass-pounding, flip fucking action as they pound each other raw!

  • Tyler, Brody And Vadim 3 Way 11-16-2014

    Tyler White, Vadim Black, and the newbie Brody Lasko are ready to take it up a notch in this sexy three way! Don't miss these boys sucking and bareback fucking each other until they cum all over!

  • Tyler White And Brody Lasko Raw 11-02-2014

    Tyler White and Brody Lasko are up for anything in this scene, so you know it's going to be good! And by good, we mean full of sucking, fucking, flipping, and bareback ass-riding!

  • Straight Talk With Tyler White 10-18-2014

    In today's segment we sit down with Tyler White to discuss his past mistakes and what he plans to change and learn from others going forward.

  • Wrestling With Tyler White 09-27-2014

    Tyler White often brags about his wrestling past, but in this video he lives up to the hype. He challenges both Kaden Alexander and Ryan Fields to a match and you'll have to watch to see who wins!

  • Skyler Daniels Fucks Tyler White 09-07-2014

    Tyler White doesn't get to bottom too often, and now we know why! He cringes in pain the whole time Skyler Daniels fucks him…but don't worry, there's still a happy ending...

  • Outtakes: Behind The Magic 09-06-2014

    Outtakes: Watch as the boys (Tyler White, Dakota Ford, Kaden Alexander, and others) hang out, share exciting stories, have fun, and discuss what it's like to be the bottom.

  • The Guys Go To The Carnival 08-30-2014

    Join the boys, Tyler White, Kaden Alexander and Skyler Daniels as they hit up the local carnival for some thrills and fun.

  • Ryan Fields Fucks Tyler White 08-29-2014

    It's common knowledge that Tyler White hates to bottom, but everyone gets their turn and today it's his! Watch as Tyler gets his ass stretched by Ryan Fields and these two studs fuck raw and hard!

  • Denver Pride 2014 08-23-2014

    Join the boys at Denver Pridefest, one of the largest in the country. Hang out with the boys as they meet their fans and have a good time celebrating pride and diversity in the LGBT community!

  • Tyler Fucks Vadim Black In The Pool 08-22-2014

    Tyler White and Vadim Black get a little kinky in the hot tub as they discuss some of their fantasies… and they might just be lucky enough to cross some of those fantasies off their list after this hot scene!

  • Tyler White, Kaden & Romeo Orgy 08-15-2014

    Romeo James, Kaden Alexander and Tyler White are ready to get a little crazy in this super hot threesome scene. These boys certainly don't disappoint as they fuck, suck, lick, and kiss their way to cumming!

  • Tyler White Fucks Tate Thompson 08-03-2014

    Tyler and Tate are both beasts in the bedroom, so pair these two up and you've got one hot combination! Watch as Tate bottoms for Tyler…but not before some cock sucking and rimming!

  • The Boys Take A Shower 08-02-2014

    It's getting hot in here! Join sexy Broke Straight Boys Tyler White, Anthony Hunt, Ryan Fields, and Skyler Daniels in the shower as the boys get cleaned up after their scene.

  • Orgy W Tyler, Ryan, Skyler, Kaden 08-01-2014

    Do not miss this super sexy orgy scene starring Tyler White, Ryan Fields, Kaden Alexander, and Skyler Daniels! These boys know how to fuck, and put them all together and you've got a recipe for one hot fuck fest!

  • Tyler White Fucks Ryan Fields 07-27-2014

    Ryan Field's ass is about to get pounded for the very first time, and Tyler doesn't go easy on him just because he's a newbie!

  • Outtakes: Hangin With The Boys 07-19-2014

    The craziest discussions happen when the boys are in town. So, we decided to compile a few of them for your viewing pleasure. Listen to Dakota's wild sex stories, have dinner with the BSB gang, and much more.

  • Tyler White Fucks Romeo James 07-16-2014

    Tyler White and Romeo James are busy boys, but there's always room in their tight schedule for some fucking!

  • Kaden Alexander Fucks Tyler Raw 06-27-2014

    Kaden and Tyler have dubbed themselves "Team Alpha", and they definitely live up to that name! These two fuck and suck with some crazy energy and finish with some super hot cumshots!

  • Ayden Troy Fucks Tyler White 06-20-2014

    Tyler and Ayden are here by popular demand! These young studs are ready for some action as Tyler bottoms for Ayden and gets his tight little ass stretched as he takes Ayden's big cock!

  • Porn Star Sex Tips 06-14-2014

    You won't want to miss Tyler White and Kaden Alexander's tips for spicing up your sex life--porn star style! Watch as they give tips on everything from making love in different positions to doing something extra special for your partner that they'll love

  • Tyler White Fucks Dakota Ford Raw 06-01-2014

    Tyler's ready to fuck and Dakota is more than ready to take that dick! Watch as these two hotties get naughty with some bareback ass-pounding!

  • Jj Masters And Tyler White Flip Fuck 05-11-2014

    JJ’s about to lose his virgin ass to Tyler, and he’s definitely a little nervous about what it’s going to be like to have a rock hard dick shoved up his ass...but he’s about to find out!

  • Tyler Takes Over 05-03-2014

    Go behind the scenes with Broke Straight Boys newbie, Tyler, as he comes to town and hangs out with Ian Dempsey, gets advice from veteran BSB star Paul Canon, and gets ready for his first sex scene... with a guy!

  • Tyler & Paul Canon Flip Fuck Raw 04-27-2014

    It's Tyler's first time taking a dick up the ass, and who better to be his first fuck than Paul Canon! Watch as Tyler gets his virgin ass pounded and then tops Paul!

  • 1000th Behind The Scenes Special 04-15-2014

    In this special BTS, catch what happens after the guys get together for a hot orgy for the 1000th episode. Watch their excitement as they get naked and shower--together, and spill all the dirty, raunchy, details.

  • Bareback Orgy Action 1000th Episode 04-13-2014

    The 1000th Broke Straight Boys scene! Prepare yourself for a whole lot of bareback fucking, cock-sucking, orgy action! Thank you to all of our members past and present for making BSB what it is today.

  • Tyler White Fucks Damien Kyle Raw 04-11-2014

    Tyler's still a little nervous about taking a dick...but he doesn't seem shy about sticking his hard cock in Damien's ass!

  • Damien Kyle Sucks Tyler White For The First Time 03-30-2014

    Watch as Tyler White gets his big cock sucked for the first time, and Damien Kyle shows him the ropes of getting a guy off!

  • Getting To Know Tyler White 03-22-2014

    Tyler is a sexy, badass Massachusetts "boy next door" type guy, catch him in his first candid interview for Broke Straight Boys. Tyler confesses what his first time with a guy was like, his type of girls, and more...

  • Solo Tyler White 03-19-2014

    Meet our new guy Tyler White, at first Tyler appears like a badass but after we got to know him we couldn't help but fall for his irresistible charm.

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  • beverlaad on 12/03/2018

    Tyler!! I am shocked. I have loved you from day 1. Drugs they say? Oh man what did you do. You did not want to die, you were so full of life, so nice and naughty and lovely relaxed and daring and sweet at the same time. I feel so bad. I have to assume you used the broke boys money to buy drugs, how tragic. Love you forever, can't believe you are gone.

    • Bobbyz on 06/19/2018

      One of my all time favorites and way to young to be gone so soon, may Tyler rest in peace.

      • jaybird2018 on 06/11/2018

        Sadly, Tyler White passed away Tuesday June 5th at his mother's apartment in N. Providence, RI. Cause of death is unknown pending the autopsy results. Services will be held the day after tomorrow in Providence, RI. RIP.

        • marin55 on 05/29/2018

          Seriously, unless theres a restraining order involved somewhere, can we have a serious discussion regarding bringing Tyler back for a few scenes? I can imagine he's a handful but like so many other members I too joined BSB because I just had to see that little stud naked and in action. He is so gorgeous my dick is rock hard as soon as i lay eyes on him and i always have an amazing closure to his scenes. Can we have a meeting sirs?

          • daddystadi on 03/12/2018

            This guys evolution throughout the scenes from a 'nothing is going up my ass' into 'fuck me hard and deep, please' is so perfectly arousing!

            • matthewayotte on 02/13/2017

              the boss

              • badjohnny25 on 11/04/2016

                Yes please bring back Tyler White

                • riders22 on 10/27/2016

                  bring him back

                  • markhh1970 on 08/28/2016

                    Simply the best - miss his scenes

                    • mrgreenjeans100 on 07/30/2016

                      SEXY! SEXY! SEXY! So cute & andsome as well! ......Though, I've never seen these, "SO CALLED", sex tapes you've made "w/girls", I can "ALMOST" say,they could never,ever, whatsoever compare to your BSG's tapes! You really look like you're having, "LONG DUE FUN" !!!! YOU R A NATURAL!!!!!! ...... PS. KISSES! KISSES! KISSES! Please "KISS" your prey before you ...................LOVE & Thanks! Lucien,aka:mrgreenjeans100


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