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Abram Hoffer

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  • Age: 20
  • Height: 6.0 (183cm)
  • Weight: 140 (64 kg)
  • Shoe: 11 US (45 EU)
  • Cock: 6.5 (17cm) Cut
  • Performer Rating: 4.52/5

In his own words:

"I would say I am aggressive and goal oriented, I love listening to Alternative Rock music and steak dinners."

Our comments:

"Abram says he is just here for the money, its a quick way to make make money and who cares if people like seeing me jerk off"

  • Abram Hoffer Fucks Chandler Scott

    Abram Hoffer doesn't know Chandler Scott too well, but once Chandler start sucking Abram's cock, Abram knows one thing: he wants Chandler's ass on his dick!

  • Do You Want To Workout Then Fuck?

    Devon Felix bottoms for Abram Hoffer in this sexy scene as these guys suck, fuck and then stroke one out!

  • Abram Hoffer Fucks Gage Owens Raw

    Gage Owens and Abram Hoffer enjoy some early-morning making out and cock-sucking as they get warmed up for hot bareback action!

  • David Hardy And Abram Hoffer Flip

    Abram Hoffer and David Hardy both get their asses fucked raw in this hot flip scene full of kissing, cock-sucking and fucking!

  • Gay Porn Stars Vadim & Devon

    Recently, our own Vadim Black and Devon Felix were featured on a reality TV show, and we get to watch along with our models as they react to the show! Take a look at this raw and real BTS first look.

  • Abram Fucks One Of The Twin Brothers

    Kyle Porter gets fucked hard and raw by Abram Hoffer, and Abram isn't going easy on him just because Kyle's a newbie! Abram takes Kyle however he wants until both these guys shoot a huge load!

  • Where In The World Is Abram Hoffer

    Check out this admittedly corny BTS video as our guys have a little bit of fun on their last trip out to Florida!

  • Two Classmates Fuck After School

    Abram Hoffer and Ryan Fields don’t waste any time getting started in this sexy raw scene! In fact, Abram places a couple kisses on Ryan’s chest before Ryan’s naked and Abram’s mouth is around his cock, sucking on that juicy meat as Ryan watches him...

  • Which Straight Guy Loses His Ass Cherry?

    In this sexy bareback scene, Abram gets to take on the newbie's tight asshole. Watch as Brady learns what its like to be fucked deep.

  • Abram Hoffer And Ian Dempsey

    Ian Dempsey is about to get his ass destroyed by Abram Hoffer! These two sexy boys go at it, raw and hard, in this hot update!

  • Abram Hoffer And Zander Floyd Fuck Raw

    Today we bring you the sexy Zander Floyd back with Abram Hoffer. Watch as Abram dominates Zanders tight ass and makes both of them shoot a huge load!

  • Straight Bros Suck & Jerk In Shower

    Abram Hoffer kicks off this super sexy scene in the shower letting the warm water cascade down his hot, toned body and hard cock as he runs his hands all over himself. He stretches as he washes himself, showing off his physique before Tyler White walks in.

  • Interview With Abram Hoffer

    We sit down with the new guy at Broke Straight Boys so we can get a better understanding on why he is here...

  • Abram Hoffer Fucks A Sex Toy

    Abram Hoffer is fresh meat here on Broke Straight Boys, and we've got him kicking off his porn debut with a solo scene! Watch as he strokes one out just for you!

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  • Syareman on 09/11/2018

    Yeah. Abram Hoffer should be BSB's greatest asset. Nice body, big cock, great smile and attitude. Pls, BSB bring him back :)

    • bsb4xftzcg on 07/27/2018

      Bring him back!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!

      • ahornybear on 10/18/2016

        Sexy hot body! so muscular! I would love to get banged good and hard from Abram!

        • ssanders on 09/28/2016

          Find Abram! Hot body. Ready for some flips and an orgy. Find some guys that will go wild and each fucks the other!

          • LARRYWAYNE on 09/13/2016

            Bring Abram back to fuck some of the new guys. Please!

            • Journey77 on 08/11/2016

              love to see Abram bottom again

              • Joncleir on 07/11/2016

                More Abram. Wow. For me, Abram is the hottest non-model performer around. His fucking style, and his all-embracing orgasms put him on the top of my list here on BSB.

                • broke1234567 on 06/20/2016

                  I like his salt and pepper beard. Abram is very very sexy and needs more flip scenes ASAP.

                  • buck1127 on 05/07/2016

                    More Abram scenes please? Why not a threesome?

                    • bicurious38 on 04/29/2016

                      Abram Thanks for bottoming with David Hardy at least now you can say you have tried it.