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Anthony Hunt Add to Favorites
  • Age: 19
  • Height: 5.9 (175cm)
  • Weight: 140 (64 kg)
  • Shoe: 9 US (43 EU)
  • Cock: 7.0 (18cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.41/5

In his own words:

"You want to stick your who in my what!"

Our comments:

"Anthony has a lean smooth body and a large tattoo on his right forearm...a tattoo of a demon. "

Producer comments:

"Anthony is a natural in front of the camera. Very relaxed and great to work with."

  • Skyler Fucks Anthony Hunt Bareback 08-17-2014

    Skyler is super horny and Anthony is down to fuck, so when these boys go at each other you know it's going to be intense! Watch as Skyler tops Anthony and fucks him raw!

  • Romeo James Fucks Anthony Hunt 08-08-2014

    Romeo's a little bit sex starved and Anthony is ready to help him with that! Watch as these boys fuck and suck their way to ecstasy!

  • The Boys Take A Shower 08-02-2014

    It's getting hot in here! Join sexy Broke Straight Boys Tyler White, Anthony Hunt, Ryan Fields, and Skyler Daniels in the shower as the boys get cleaned up after their scene.

  • Kaden Alexander Fucks Anthony Hunt 07-25-2014

    Anthony Hunt gets a pretty rough welcome back by Kaden Alexander as Kaden fucks him hard and deep, stretching that ass around his thick cock!

  • Duncan Tyler & Anthony 12-20-2012

    Anthony returns! This time his man hole is tested by Duncan Tyler's impressive tool. BSB's resident pass around bottom initially struggles to handle what Duncan is packing. Duncan ignores the bottom's cries, and pumps away. Both lads walk away happy!

  • Kyle Harley & Anthony 11-03-2012

    BSB resident bottom boy Anthony has come back. Newbie Kyle Harley treats Anthony the way he prefers: riding the bottom king all over the studio! There is a lot of moaning but Kyle makes sure his scene partner walks funny after both have their fun!

  • Trey Evans & Anthony 10-04-2012

    BSB's favorite bottom boy has returned!! Anthony is in the house, and who better to fuck him than Trey Evans. Anthony's hole gets a proper work out and Trey leaves him with a "special treat." Watch the end. You'll be happy with the result like Trey was!

  • Spencer Todd & Anthony 09-13-2012

    What happens when top stud Spencer "Red Rocket" Todd meets our favorite bottom boy Anthony? The juice and sparks fly! Spencer rides Anthony, making sure his hot rod leaves a permanent mark. Wait until the end to see what Anthony greedily swallows.

  • Zane Tate & Anthony 09-08-2012

    Zane Tate and Anthony are the stars of today's BSB feature. Anthony takes his standard role as bottom. His hole will never be the same after a proper stuffing from Zane's Tate impressive appendage.

  • Kodi & Anthony 07-14-2012

    Anthony, BSB's hardest working bottom, is paired with site heart throb Kodi. When he puts his ass in the air, Anthony gets everything Kodi has.

  • Denver Grand & Anthony 05-26-2012

    Anthony and Denver meet for the first time. Denver gives Anthony the type of fuck only a good bottom boy can appreciate.

  • Conner & Anthony 05-14-2012

    Conner and Anthony are back in the studio. Watch Conner plow Anthony in this hot update.

  • Blake Bennet & Anthony 04-12-2012

    Blake and Anthony team up for a sizzling hot oral display before one of these boys gets their asses pounded into tomorrow! Which one shows off a little seen dominant side? Find out for yourself by watching the update!

  • Interviewing 01-09-2012

    Watch the newest interview of our Broke Straight Boys.

  • Bobby, Conner, & Anthony 01-07-2012

    The A, B and C of BSB are in bed together for an extra hot and downright fun threesome. Watch as they do a fuck train for our viewing pleasure... also, find out what Bobby does to Anthony and Connor at the very end!

  • Colin & Anthony 12-03-2011

    Colin and Anthony trade blowjobs then fuck... or do they fuck and then trade blowjobs? Find out for yourself in this extra hot update!

  • Jason Matthews & Anthony Hunt 11-26-2011

    Jason and Anthony trade oral skills before getting his ass hole prepared by Jason's tongue. Anthony gets ridden prison style... hard, and without mercy... and loves it all!

  • Bobby & Anthony 11-05-2011

    Bobby and Anthony swap oral skills before Bobby fucks Anthony six ways to Sunday. Bobby shows off some new moves never seen on BSB before!

  • Rocco & Anthony 10-29-2011

    Anthony sucks off Rocco before Rocco fucks Anthony into next week. Watch and see for yourself just how much Anthony enjoys cock... but does he like cum just as much?

  • Darren & Anthony Hunt 10-08-2011

    Darren gets to trade oral skills with Anthony before showing off a rarely seen dominant side as he fucks Anthony all the way into next week!

  • Chad & Anthony 10-01-2011

    Chad fucks his first guy today; Anthony. The boys trade oral skills before Chad rides Anthony's tight ass. Watch out for the surprise ending!

  • Jimmy & Anthony 09-17-2011

    Anthony learns how to suck cock under Jimmy's expert tutelage then, Jimmy shows off his dominant side as he fucks Anthony's virgin ass!

  • Anthony Hunt 09-12-2011

    Anthony is broke, has lost his job and has been thrown out of his house. He's doing a solo to earn extra dosh and has a 'naughty' side he wants to share with everyone!

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  • ssanders on 11/16/2016

    DO what it takes to get Anthony Hunt to take the latest round of great dicks. AH needs to top at least once. Get him in a flip to fuck an ass when he is good and hard. His scenes are still a real bone maker. Like the way he makes noise - lots of noise. ;)

    • angelhernandez on 09/15/2015

      I just want to see anthony in action again. One of my favs

      • djay97 on 02/15/2015

        Anthony ... you need to TOP at least once and pound some str8 ass like your's has been pounded in the past.

        • MELO20 on 09/06/2014

          Seriously Anthony knows how to take a dick for a straight guy.. He should give the newbies lessons

          • murph50 on 07/31/2014

            And! He's Back with A Hot Scene!

            • Shazkhan on 07/15/2014

              YES! I agree with cat320847 that you guys should bring Anthony back! Please!!!

              • cat320847 on 12/15/2013

                I wish Anthony would come back!

                • fenix1375 on 11/21/2013

                  All I have to say is wow, I would love to go a round with hot!

                  • arhud40 on 09/07/2013

                    Where has Anthony gone


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