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Skyler Daniels Puts Tyler White In His Place With A Hard Fuck

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Skyler Daniels, Tyler White

Tyler White is full of energy today, and it’s definitely nervous energy…this dude does not want to get fucked in the ass!  But Skyler Daniels doesn’t having anything to worry about, he’s just ready to get his dick wet!  They both strip, dropping their clothes pretty quick, and Tyler leans back and lets Skyler do his magic, working his cock with that hot mouth and getting it hard as fuck. 

Skyler sure seems to enjoy the taste of Tyler’s dick, and he takes his time with it until Tyler insists on giving some oral.  He licks and sucks on Skyler’s meat, trying to put off what he knows is coming, but it just doesn’t work and soon he’s bent over doggy style getting his tight ass stretched by Skyler’s throbbing cock!  It’s pretty clear that Tyler doesn’t spend much time bottoming, because every position they try and every thrust of Skyler’s prick makes him cringe in pain. 

But Tyler knows that once he’s on his back, taking that bareback dick hard and deep in his ass, that they’re not too far from shooting their load…and that’s exactly what he does, stroking one out with Skyler’s cock buried deep inside of him.  Skyler follows his lead, pulling out and busting a nut, adding his hot jiz to the mess on Tyler’s stomach.

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