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Ryan Fields

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  • Age: 19
  • Height: 6.0 (183cm)
  • Weight: 160 (73 kg)
  • Shoe: 11 US (45 EU)
  • Cock: 7.0 (18cm) Cut
  • Performer Rating: 4.45/5

In his own words:

"I enjoy swimming and baseball. I don't have a place to live so BSB is going to help me so much."

Our comments:

"He was rock hard and ready to go. He is going to be a good performer. "

  • Richie West Fucked Deep By Ryan

    Enjoy watching as Richie West gets his ass fucked raw and deep by Ryan Fields!

  • I Quit Mcdonalds To Do Gay Porn

    Axel fucks Ryan Fields hard and deep, that raw cock stretching Ryan's tight ass open!

  • Ryan Fields Fucks Grey's Tight Ass

    Ryan is about to get his dick sucked by Grey Donovan making it nice and hard before sticking into Grey's tight asshole.

  • He Grabbed My Junk Then We Were Fucking

    Ryan Fields is here to fuck. And he knows exactly what he wants as he makes Xavier bend over!

  • Brandon Evans And Ryan Fields Flip

    Ryan Fields is a veteran on BSB now, we hope you enjoy this man with skills fuck and get fucked by Brandon Evans!

  • Damien Nichols Fucks Ryan Fields

    Ryan Fields gets head from Damien first, and then bottoms for him as he takes that thick cock up his tight hole until they both cum hard!

  • Mason Gets Trained By Fucking Ryan

    Mason Woods would benefit from a little more practice fucking guys, and it looks like Ryan Fields is up to the task as he bends over and takes Mason's hard cock!

  • Ryan Fields' Ass Stretched By Liam

    Ryan Fields gets his ass stretched by Liam Andrews' thick raw cock, taking every inch and busting hard!

  • Jordan Gets His Ass Pounded By Ryan

    Ryan and Jordan have some fun together as they get naked and get a taste of each other, sucking cock and then Jordan getting his ass pounded raw by Ryan!

  • Ryan Bareback Fucks John Henry

    After rimming John's ass, Ryan fills it with his cock and fucks John hard and raw, and after this scene it's going to be a while before John can sit down again!

  • Ryan & Sebastian Lee 69 Action Fuck

    Ryan dominates Sebastian in this hot scene, making him moan for more as Ryan eats out his ass and then fucks it until Sebastian cums!

  • Kyle's Tight Ass Stretched By Ryan

    Kyle is about to find out how it feels to get fucked by Ryan's big shaft! These guys suck and fuck hard until Kyle's tight ass is stretched and he's covered in cum!

  • Robb Davis Spreads His Ass For Ryan

    Robb and Ryan can't keep their horny hands off of each other and once their naked on the bed, Robb spreads his ass and takes Ryan's bareback cock deep inside!

  • Romeo's Hard Prick In Ryan's Ass

    Ryan and Romeo are back in the studio together and this time it's Romeo topping Ryan! Ryan takes every inch of Romeo's hard prick and shoots a huge load!

  • Ryan Fields Fucks Lj Richards

    We hope you enjoy watching Ryan and LJ get a mouthful of cock before LJ's ass get stretched by Ryan's thick bareback meat!

  • Chris Taylor And Ryan Fields Fuck

    We hope you enjoy watching Ryan and Chris kiss, suck and 69 before Chris offers his ass up to Ryan's thick shaft!

  • Chaz Berling Fucks Ryan Fields

    Chaz and Ryan are ready to get it on and after they get each other hard, Chaz buries his big dick in Ryan's ass!

  • Dakota Ford Fucks Ryan Fields

    Dakota gets Ryan hard before he shoves his big cock in him and fucks him raw! Enjoy watching these two guys get each other off!

  • Straight Guys In Raw Bareback Orgy

    We hope you enjoy watching Tyler, Levi and Ryan in this hot three way full of cock-sucking, raw fucking, kissing, and cumswapping!

  • Antonio Fucks Ryan Bareback Raw

    Antonio and Ryan bond over their mutual love of tattoos...then they bond over each other's big cocks, sucking and fucking until they both drain their dick and Ryan cleans up his cum with his mouth!

  • Gay Porn Stars Game Night

    We are lucky enough to have a big group of guys in studio to play a game together. See how it all plays out as they sit back and have some fun!

  • Ryan Pounds Juniors Tight Boy Hole

    Ryan and Junior are in the studio today and these guys are ready to work for their money! If their hot foreplay isn't enough for you, just wait until Ryan buries his cock in Junior!

  • Bootcamp With Gay Porn Star Antonio

    Go behind the scenes with some of the models and see how they handle a hardcore bootcamp workout led by Antonio!

  • Ben Fucks Ryan's Tight Ass Bareback

    Benjamin and Ryan take turns with sucking cock, and when it's time to bottom, Ryan bends over and gets fucked by Benjamin's big raw dick!

  • Jason Sterling And Ryan Fields

    Jason Sterling and Ryan Fields take turns bottoming in this hot flip scene full of raw, sexy action!

  • Ryan Fields Fucks Zach Covington

    Ryan and Zach are ready for a good fuck and today Zach's taking the dick! He lets Ryan pound him hard until Zach's covered in cum!

  • I'm Not Going To Bottom For That Thing

    Mikey's infamous cock isn't going to get much action today since it seems Ryan isn't ready to take a dick that it looks like it's Mikey's turn to get fucked raw!

  • Tyler Griffin And Ryan Fields Flip

    Tyler and Ryan made a very sexy flip scene for your enjoyment...and judging by their cumshots, they enjoyed it too!

  • Levi Jackson Fucks Ryan Fields Raw

    Ryan Fields gets his ass stretched by Levi Jackson's hard cock after these guys get each other horny with some cock-sucking!

  • Chris Taylor Fucks Ryan Fields Raw

    We've got Ryan Fields in the studio to lead Chris Taylor through his first experience fucking a guy...and after the massive load Chris shoots, we're pretty sure he enjoyed Ryan's ass!

  • Zeno Kostas And Ryan Fields Raw

    A little foreplay and Ryan Field is bending over to take Zeno Kostas's long, thick cock! They fuck hard and raw until both guys spill their load!

  • Where In The World Is Abram Hoffer

    Check out this admittedly corny BTS video as our guys have a little bit of fun on their last trip out to Florida!

  • After School Sports & Then Fuck Raw

    Ryan Fields gives it to Zander Floyd raw and hard, and Zander shows everyone just how well he can take a dick!

  • Two Classmates Fuck After School

    Abram Hoffer and Ryan Fields don’t waste any time getting started in this sexy raw scene! In fact, Abram places a couple kisses on Ryan’s chest before Ryan’s naked and Abram’s mouth is around his cock, sucking on that juicy meat as Ryan watches him...

  • Ryan Fields And Chandler Scott Suck Fest

    Ryan Fields is back in this cock-suck-fest with the newbie Chandler Scott. After Chandler masters taking a cock in his mouth, we'll see if he can handle one up his ass...but for now, enjoy the oral!

  • I Am Going To Creampie Your Hole

    Ryan Fields is back, this time we paired him with the very sexy Vadim Black. Watch as Vadim takes it like a man then gets his ass soaked with cum!

  • Gay Porn Scene With Bareback Creampie

    Ryan Fields in back in action in this hot scene with Trevor Laster as they go bareback! Watch these boys unleash some huge loads as they fuck hard!

  • Ryan Rims Buds Hole Then Fucks Raw

    Ryan Fields and Drake Tyler make a sizzling hot pair! These boys are kinky and horny as fuck, and that's a perfect combination for the best ass-pounding, cum-eating scene you've ever seen!

  • Getting To Know Ryan Fields

    In this behind the scenes look at Ryan Fields, he tells us a little bit about his difficult past, and how it's made him the man we know and love! And of course he shares his fantasies and some other little known facts about himself!

  • Cage Kafig & Ryan Fields Bareback

    Cage Kafig doesn't hold back as he spreads Ryan Fields open and fucks his ass raw and hard! Watch as Cage makes the most of his cum before getting Ryan off!

  • Ronan Kennedy Fucks Ryan Fields Raw

    Ryan Fields is back, and today he's in for a treat as he's about to get his ass stretched by Ronan Kennedy's infamous cock! We're sure his ass will sore for a couple days after this scene...

  • Ian Dempsey And Ryan Fields Flip Raw

    Ian Dempsey is back, this time to fuck Ryan Fields. These boys dont waste anytime to get down and dirty...and Ryan has been saving his load for 2 weeks to give Ian a nice cum facial!

  • Wrestling With Gay Porn Star Tyler White

    Tyler White often brags about his wrestling past, but in this video he lives up to the hype. He challenges both Kaden Alexander and Ryan Fields to a match and you'll have to watch to see who wins!

  • Ryan Fields Fucks Tyler White Raw

    It's common knowledge that Tyler White hates to bottom, but everyone gets their turn and today it's his! Watch as Tyler gets his ass stretched by Ryan Fields and these two studs fuck raw and hard!

  • Still Getting Used To A Dick In My Ass

    Kaden Alexander doesn't hold back for anyone, including Ryan Fields, who's still getting used to taking a dick up the ass!

  • Paul Canon Goes Easy On Ryan Fields

    Ryan Fields is still pretty new...and still getting used to taking it up the ass. Paul Canon says he'll go easy on him, but once he starts he can't help but fuck him hard, fast, and deep!

  • Straight Boys Take A Shower Together

    It's getting hot in here! Join sexy Broke Straight Boys Tyler White, Anthony Hunt, Ryan Fields, and Skyler Daniels in the shower as the boys get cleaned up after their scene.

  • Orgy With 4 Hot Straight Guys Going Raw

    Do not miss this super sexy orgy scene starring Tyler White, Ryan Fields, Kaden Alexander, and Skyler Daniels! These boys know how to fuck, and put them all together and you've got a recipe for one hot fuck fest!

  • Ryan Fields Bottoms For First Time

    Ryan Field's ass is about to get pounded for the very first time, and Tyler doesn't go easy on him just because he's a newbie!

  • Ryan Fields Fucks Romeo James Bare

    Ryan jumped right from his solo scene into fucking a dude, and it was definitely a good decision! This newbie can fuck like the best of him as he tops Romeo and makes him cum!

  • Ryan Fields Strokes His Cock & Cums

    Ryan Fields is new to Broke Straight Boys, and new to porn in general, so he's a little nervous to stroke one out in front of the camera… but he gets really comfortable really fast once his clothes are off and his dick is out!

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  • Kenny2736 on 10/31/2022

    HOT! XO

    • Robdock05 on 12/12/2020

      RIP Ryan you were hot!!!

      • Liekki on 12/23/2020

        what happened? I know him from Raunchy Bastards

      • DivaDaddy on 04/04/2020

        Rest in Peace

        • eboy323 on 06/14/2018

          LUV me sum Ryan!!! Bring him back on the REGULAR!

          • Robdock05 on 12/10/2017

            Ryan you better stay!! Everyone of your scenes just keep getting hotter and hotter! Sexy AF!

            • chihyde on 10/30/2017

              Bring Ryan Back!

              • cx2guy on 01/07/2017

                This "boy" has the tight, fury cumdump of a man!!! Wish he'd let me get my lips round that dirty puckerhole and rim his anus deep and long... cheers to stemming his rose!!! Nice taint too!!!

                • metermatic on 12/15/2016

                  Ryan is the reason i joined this site! He is so hot!!!!! Keep the vids coming Ryan!!!!

                  • bsbryanfields on 12/02/2016

                    Let's get my ratings up

                    • Robdock05 on 11/21/2017


                    • DivaDaddy on 05/25/2016

                      I am so glad that you are back a BSB. You are one of my favorites here.