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After School Sports And Then These Boys Fuck Raw

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Zander Floyd, Ryan Fields

Ryan Fields and Zander Floyd get things rolling with some kisses while they undress, and when they’re naked, Ryan reclines on the bed and Zander goes straight for his sweet cock! Zander sucks that dick, licking Ryan’s long shaft and making it grow in his mouth, and when Ryan’s prick is hard and wet, he gives some oral back to Zander.

As Ryan sucks that big dick, Zander watches from above and admires the way his cock looks when it’s between Ryan’s soft lips. It’s not long before Zander is hard as fuck and ready to get his ass stretched, and Ryan is more than ready to bury his meat in Zander’s ass! When Zander gets on the bed, Ryan grabs his legs and holds them up while he fucks him, going slowly as Zander moans at the feeling of Ryan’s bareback prick all the way inside of him.

While Ryan pounds Zander raw from behind, they make out…until Zander needs to bite the pillow to keep from crying out. A few more good thrusts and Ryan shoots his load then fucks Zander with it, and once Ryan’s done with him, Zander rolls over and cums all over himself!

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