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Ryan Fields Fucks Zach Covington Raw

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Ryan Fields, Zach Covington

Zach Covington and Ryan Fields are comfortable enough together that they don’t need to chat it up before their scene, they’re ready for action and Ryan moves in for some kisses.  They make out for a while but Zach is eager for some cock and he goes for Ryan’s juicy meat, getting a mouthful of dick as he licks and sucks on that sweet cock, playing with it even as they kiss some more. 

Ryan returns that amazing oral when he goes down on Zach, deepthroating his prick and teasing the sensitive tip as Zach pushes Ryan’s mouth farther down on his cock.  Ryan gets more head from Zach before Zach climbs on top of him and slowly inserts Ryan’s big cock into his tight ass, lowering himself onto it gently but then giving Ryan freedom to fuck him hard as his ass gets used to Ryan’s long dick! 

Ryan pounds Zach raw and deep, making out as they fuck and then Zach goes reverse cowboy and rides that cock, playing with himself as he gets his ass filled with Ryan’s fat dick!  They try another position and Zach jerks his member and makes himself cum all over while Ryan’s bareback dick is still deep inside of him.  But when Ryan can’t hold back any longer he pulls out of that tight ass and lets his cum cover Zach’s hairless chest!

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