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Ryan Doesn't Want To Bottom His Huge Dick So Tops Instead

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Mikey, Ryan Fields

Ryan Fields has been scared away from Mikey’s huge cock after all the stories he’s heard about it, and he doesn’t even want to try to stretch his ass around a dick that size so for today, Mikey’s the one bottoming…but we’re sure Ryan will work up to it eventually!  These guys get each other horny with some kisses, Ryan leaves a trail of kisses leading right to Mikey’s prick and he takes that thing in his mouth and sucks. 

He massages Mikey’s balls with his mouth too, working him up to his full and very impressive size as Mikey’s member gets harder and bigger.  Ryan gets head next and they 69, having some more fun with their tongues as Ryan rims Mikey’s tight little ass before stuffing his bareback cock into it. 

Ryan holds Mikey’s legs apart, getting in deep and pounding him raw, then letting him ride his cock next as Mikey’s sore ass takes that fat dick.  Mikey gets on his back and Ryan holds his leg, burying his shaft in Mikey’s entrance and fucking him until he comes, then stroking out his own hot load all over Mikey!

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