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Ryan Fields Fucks Lj Richards Raw

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Ryan Fields, Lj Richards

Ryan Fields and LJ Richards get each other undressed between kisses, and when Ryan leaves a trail of light kisses down LJ’s stomach it’s no secret that he’s heading for that sweet cock.  Ryan sucks LJ’s dick, getting him hard as fuck before lying back on the bed and letting LJ get at that prick, and while LJ sucks and deepthroats Ryan’s thick meat he plays with his own dick, stroking it gently as he licks Ryan’s balls. 

These two studs get their fill of oral before LJ stands up and Ryan grabs that ass, kissing those round cheeks before pulling LJ down onto his hard cock, inserting his dick slowly as LJ struggles to take Ryan’s full length.  Once Ryan is balls deep he starts pounding LJ hard, fucking that tight ass raw as LJ touches himself, yanking on his cock while Ryan slides his prick in and out.  Ryan takes that ass from different positions, his balls slapping against LJ as he buries himself inside that tight hole, his bareback dick filling LJ up.  The harder Ryan fucks him, the faster LJ works his own cock until he strokes out a huge load and then lets Ryan cum all over him next!

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