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Chaz Berling Fucks Ryan Fields Raw

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Ryan Fields, Chaz Berling

Chaz Berling and Ryan Fields make out for a while, but not too long because assertive and sexy Ryan has a taste for some sweet cock and he takes what he wants.  He sucks Chaz’s dick, pulling that fat prick in and out of his mouth as Chaz grows harder with each stroke of Ryan’s tongue.  Ryan gets oral next, lying back and enjoying Chaz’s lips around his dick and balls and getting even more horny when Chaz finds his way to Ryan’s feet and licks those too! 

When Chaz can’t hold back he spreads Ryan’s ass open and slides his long bareback shaft inside, fucking him slow at first and then faster and deeper as Ryan’s ass stretches around Chaz’s cock.  Chaz flips Ryan over and fucks him raw from a different position, placing gentle kisses across Ryan’s body as he pounds him from behind.  As Chaz goes balls deep in Ryan’s ass, slamming in and out of that tight hole, Ryan strokes his own hard dick and lets his load fly all over himself and then lets Chaz pull out and cum on him too!

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