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Levi Jackson Fucks Ryan Fields Bareback

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Ryan Fields, Levi Jackson

Levi Jackson and Ryan Fields are paired up today and these guys are ready to fuck, they don’t waste time getting to it when we set them loose on each other and Ryan unzips Levi’s pants and takes that nice cock out.  Ryan sucks Levi’s dick, deepthroating it and making Levi moan with each stroke of his mouth, but he gets the same amazing oral when Levi goes down on him! Ryan thrusts his hips as Levi sucks that dick and then positions himself so that they can 69, each guy getting some good head as they lick and suck those juicy dicks!  

When they’re both hard as fuck, Ryan climbs on top of Levi and straddles that cock, slowly lowering himself on onto Levi’s bareback prick and letting out a moan as that dick gets all the way inside of him! Levi loves Ryan’s tight ass, fucking him hard and getting him in a few different positions so he can feel that ass around his cock from all different angles!  Levi makes Ryan’s ass bounce with each deep thrust as he fucks him doggy style and then comes right between Ryan’s perfect ass, fucking him with his jizz until Ryan strokes out his own huge load!

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