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Kaden Alexander Add to Favorites
  • Age: 19
  • Height: 6.0 (183cm)
  • Weight: 170 (77 kg)
  • Shoe: 11 US (45 EU)
  • Cock: 8.0 (20cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.4/5

In his own words:

"I support myself, which is tough. So I am hoping doing this can help me get on my feet again."

Our comments:

"Kaden is full of energy, and he sure does make everyone feel comfortable around him. Talk about life of the party!"

Producer comments:

"Kaden has an exquisite body, and a big fat cock to match!"

  • The Two Kaden's Fuck Raw 10-19-2016

    We've got Kaden Alexander and Kaden Porter in the studio today, and we're excited to see how our two Kaden's get down and dirty with each other!

  • Antonio Ferrari And Kaden Alexander 10-09-2016

    Kaden takes Antonio's fat cock in his ass and gets fucked raw and hard!

  • Kaden Alexander And Chaz Flip Fuck 09-30-2016

    Kaden and Chaz are ready to fuck and suck and shoot their load...we hope you enjoy watching as these two studs flip fuck raw!

  • Kaden Alexander And Zach Covington 08-31-2016

    Kaden's back and ready for action so we're pairing him with Zach Covington, who's ready to have his ass pounded by Kaden's big cock!

  • Catching Up With Kaden Alexander 08-30-2016

    Kaden Alexander comes back and fills us in on what we've missed in the life of this popular, sexy guy! Find out what he's been up to in his absence from BSB!

  • Porn Never Sleeps - Ep 8 04-16-2016

    The last episode of the BSB TV series is here, and it'll leave you wanting more. Get caught up in the drama and intrigue as both the models and the staff start to reach their breaking point!

  • Straight Boys Gay Drama Ep 7 04-09-2016

    Episode 7 of BSB TV chronicles more of the harsh realities of making porn, both for the models and the staff, as they struggle to get along and get their work done.

  • The Revolving Door - Ep 6 04-02-2016

    In this episode the crew welcomes Damien Kyle back to the house after Jimmy ends up going home, and we get a glimpse at what happens when the boys have a little too much fun!

  • Someone's Gotta Go - Ep 5 03-26-2016

    Episode 5 of BSB TV shows just how quickly an argument can escalate between the guys, and we find out who's really straight when the boys are given a lie detector test!

  • Family Matters - Ep 4 03-19-2016

    Episode 4 is here! Enjoy the next adventure with the guys as you get to see more behind the scenes drama and get to meet the girlfriend of one of the models!

  • The Moment Of Truth - Ep 3 03-12-2016

    In Episode 3 of BSB TV, we get a little deeper into the guys' relationships, seeing how they deal with family and friends finding out about the porn, and how it goes when they want to meet someone new...

  • Welcome To Broke Straight Boys Ep1 02-27-2016

    Its Here! The Season Premier of Broke Straight Boys TV. Now available to all BSB Members included in your membership: In this episode learn about the guys and what its like living in the BSB house.

  • Kaden Alexander And Justin Riggs 01-25-2015

    Kaden Alexander dominates Justin Riggs in this sexy update! Watch as Justin gets his tender ass fucked and filled with cum as Kaden tops him!

  • Antonio Drake And Kaden Alexander 01-11-2015

    Antonio is new to fucking a guy, but we pair him with the sexy Kaden Alexander. Watch as he gives it to Kaden rough and fucks like a pro.

  • Kaden Alexander And David Hardy Raw 01-02-2015

    Kaden Alexander and David Hardy get their dicks sucked and David gets his ass destroyed by Kaden as they fuck raw and hard! Watch as these boys shoot a huge load after some intense ass- pounding!

  • Holiday Jizz Fest 12-24-2014

    In this special holiday Jizz-Fest look forward to meeting newbies Justin Riggs and Antonio Drake. We're also bringing back some of your favorites for the festive fun including Paul Canon, Damian Kyle, Kaden Alexander, David Hardy and lastly Zander Floyd.

  • The Holiday's Are Cumming 12-13-2014

    Our boys are doing some holiday shopping and gift exchanges…but these gifts are definitely going to get them on the naughty list! Sex toys and festively kinky challenges await in this behind the scenes holiday special!

  • Wrestling With Tyler White 09-27-2014

    Tyler White often brags about his wrestling past, but in this video he lives up to the hype. He challenges both Kaden Alexander and Ryan Fields to a match and you'll have to watch to see who wins!

  • Ian Dempsey Fucks Kaden Alexander 09-12-2014

    Watch as Kaden Alexander gets his ass claimed by Ian Dempsey in this super hot and sexy scene!

  • Outtakes: Behind The Magic 09-06-2014

    Outtakes: Watch as the boys (Tyler White, Dakota Ford, Kaden Alexander, and others) hang out, share exciting stories, have fun, and discuss what it's like to be the bottom.

  • The Guys Go To The Carnival 08-30-2014

    Join the boys, Tyler White, Kaden Alexander and Skyler Daniels as they hit up the local carnival for some thrills and fun.

  • Denver Pride 2014 08-23-2014

    Join the boys at Denver Pridefest, one of the largest in the country. Hang out with the boys as they meet their fans and have a good time celebrating pride and diversity in the LGBT community!

  • Kaden Alexander Fucks Ryan Fields 08-20-2014

    Kaden Alexander doesn't hold back for anyone, including Ryan Fields, who's still getting used to taking a dick up the ass!

  • Tyler White, Kaden & Romeo Orgy 08-15-2014

    Romeo James, Kaden Alexander and Tyler White are ready to get a little crazy in this super hot threesome scene. These boys certainly don't disappoint as they fuck, suck, lick, and kiss their way to cumming!

  • Orgy W Tyler, Ryan, Skyler, Kaden 08-01-2014

    Do not miss this super sexy orgy scene starring Tyler White, Ryan Fields, Kaden Alexander, and Skyler Daniels! These boys know how to fuck, and put them all together and you've got a recipe for one hot fuck fest!

  • Kaden Alexander Fucks Anthony Hunt 07-25-2014

    Anthony Hunt gets a pretty rough welcome back by Kaden Alexander as Kaden fucks him hard and deep, stretching that ass around his thick cock!

  • Kaden Alexander Fucks Skyler Raw 07-20-2014

    Skyler and Kaden can't wait to get it on and bust one out in this super hot bareback scene!

  • Outtakes: Hangin With The Boys 07-19-2014

    The craziest discussions happen when the boys are in town. So, we decided to compile a few of them for your viewing pleasure. Listen to Dakota's wild sex stories, have dinner with the BSB gang, and much more.

  • Workout With Kaden & Dakota 07-05-2014

    Ready to look good naked? Well, Kaden and Dakota have a few tips to help you look amazing for the summer. Follow these two as they take you through a workout destined to get you a "porn star" body in just a few minutes per day.

  • Kaden Alexander Fucks Tyler Raw 06-27-2014

    Kaden and Tyler have dubbed themselves "Team Alpha", and they definitely live up to that name! These two fuck and suck with some crazy energy and finish with some super hot cumshots!

  • Porn Star Sex Tips 06-14-2014

    You won't want to miss Tyler White and Kaden Alexander's tips for spicing up your sex life--porn star style! Watch as they give tips on everything from making love in different positions to doing something extra special for your partner that they'll love

  • Kaden Alexander: An Interview 05-31-2014

    In this heartfelt interview Kaden reveals what it was like growing up being adopted at age 3, his first meeting with his biological mother, and why he decided to journey into the world of adult entertainment.

  • Kaden Alexander Fucks Jaden Bentley 05-23-2014

    Venezuelan Jaden is a little worried about the being with Kaden Alexander today, and rightfully so. Word is around the house is Kaden likes it a big rough...Watch as these two get down and dirty.

  • Dakota Ford Fucks Kaden Alexander Raw 05-04-2014

    Watch as Dakota Ford and Kaden Alexander pair up and get dirty in this hot scene complete with oral, toys, and some bareback ass-fucking!

  • Kaden Gives Us A Lapdance 04-26-2014

    Kaden loves to please and this video proves it. In this clip, watch as this broke straight boy makes some cash while showing off his sexy dance moves to a few unsuspecting ladies.

  • 1000th Behind The Scenes Special 04-15-2014

    In this special BTS, catch what happens after the guys get together for a hot orgy for the 1000th episode. Watch their excitement as they get naked and shower--together, and spill all the dirty, raunchy, details.

  • Bareback Orgy Action 1000th Episode 04-13-2014

    The 1000th Broke Straight Boys scene! Prepare yourself for a whole lot of bareback fucking, cock-sucking, orgy action! Thank you to all of our members past and present for making BSB what it is today.

  • Kaden Alexander Fucks Ian Dempsey 03-23-2014

    Kaden and Ian are hot, horny, and down to fuck…and that's exactly what they do! Watch as Kaden tops Ian and fucks him raw!

  • Kaden Alexander Bottoms For Duncan Tyler 03-14-2014

    Kaden Alexander isn't looking forward to being stuffed by Duncan "donkey dick" Tyler. Even sucking it is a challenge. Duncan lets Kaden ride his monster to get used to the size. The poor bottom cries to the heavens. Duncan pounds away until the end!

  • Romeo James, Kaden Alexander And Cage Kafig 03-07-2014

    Kaden Alexender, Romeo James, and Cage Kafig test out their threesome skills in this update. All three studs suck dick, and Kaden and Romeo get their luscious asses fucked to next Sunday. Look for the amount of juicy jizz Cage shoots on Romeo's torso!

  • Kaden Alexander Fucks Dakota Ford Raw 02-16-2014

    Dakota Ford's hairy ass is busted by Kaden Alexander. He's scared but after Kaden's sloppy blow- job, he calms down. Kaden goes slow when he first gets his sausage in that tight hole, but soon Dakota is whimpering like a virgin touched for the first time.

  • Kaden Fucks Tristan Stiles 02-07-2014

    Kaden Alexander returns to give Tristan Styles an injection of hard beef. The two make out first, with some sloppy kissing. The smooching continues when Kaden pounds into Tristan's hot ass. When it ends, Tristan's torso is covered in tasty man goo!

  • Bukkake For The Holidays! 12-25-2013

    Tristan Stiles gets a succulent Christmas gift: a face full of cum! Duncan Tyler, Cage Kafig, Ian Dempsey, Kaden Alexander, Paul Canon, and newbie Dakota Ford leave their jizzy presents on Tristan's hair, forehead, eyes, cheeks, mouth, and chin.

  • Bts: Welcome To The Bsb Holiday Bash! 12-24-2013

    It's the holidays and the boys are broke. However, that doesn't stop them from having a blast when a little holiday surprise comes their way. Catch Ian, Tristan, Dakota, Cage, Kaden, Paul, Damian, Romeo, and Duncan in their undies spreading some cheer.

  • San Diego Gay Pride 2013 (part 2) 10-26-2013

    In this installment, the boys show you more of San Diego Pride-fest while giving an up close and personal view on the event, meeting their fans, their encounter with Latoya Jackson!

  • San Diego Gay Pride 2013 (part 1) 10-24-2013

    San Diego PrideFest: The Broke Straight Boys journey with Paul Canon, Damien Kyle and Kaden to San Diego with one mission in mind: chicks and fun! Check out the boys as they hit up Horton Plaza, give impromptu lap dances and more!

  • Kaden Alexander And Paul Canon Flip 10-09-2013

    Kaden and Paul fuck each other good! Before the pounding, the studs kiss and lick each other's tools. Kaden fucks first, giving Paul everything he's got. When it's Paul's turn, his tool fills up Kaden's hole. At the end, someone's tongue gets a cum bath!

  • Kaden Alexander And Colby 09-29-2013

    Kaden teaches Colby how to suck dick! The newbie is nervous, but Kaden is a good teacher. He laps Colby's tool, making him moan. When it's Colby's turn, he takes as much meat as he can. Watch for the end, when both boys' tongues get soaked with jizz!

  • Sergio Valen Fucks Kaden Alexander 09-21-2013

    Kaden Alexander returns to be fucked raw by Sergio Valen. When Sergio gets in that ass, he pounds with the entire length of his massive tool. Kaden is split in two, but loves every stroke. At the end, Sergio nuts all over Kaden's mouth and chin.

  • Denver Pridefest 2013 07-26-2013

    Check out Denver Pridefest and see the boys enjoy the festival and the parade, watch as Kaden gives a few hot lap dances, and hear from a few fans who came out to meet the boys--some as far away as China!

  • Johnny Forza Fucks Kaden Alexander 07-18-2013

    Newbie Kaden Alexander will soon be the Broke Straight Boys' resident bottom slut. In today's hot update, Johnny Forza breaks Kaden's big ol' booty in two, filling it up with man meat. Kaden calls to the gods, but doesn't once ask Johnny to stop fucking!

  • Adam, Mick & Kaden 07-08-2013

    Adam Baer, Kaden Alexander and Mick Torrence get it on in this hot three-way. Kaden and Mick get their holes plugged, with Adam playing ring leader of the trio. Mick and Adam give Kaden's hole the treatment it needs. Watch for the juicy ending!

  • Kaden & Skyler 06-20-2013

    Skyler Daniels teaches newbie Kaden Alexander a thing or two about dick sucking! Skyler's soft lips get Kaden's tool rock hard. The newbie is so pleased that he lustily returns the favor. All of this pole slurping causes both lads to bust healthy loads!

  • Kaden Shows Off 06-17-2013

    Meet lad of the country Kaden. This newbie is stocked with everything, from a smoking hot body to a beautiful face. And his uncut meat is a perfect treat. He begins jerking slowly, but works himself over until his abs are covered in juicy man nectar!

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  • anonymous on 07/03/2018

    Love and miss, Kaden!!! Bring him back!

    • Femini on 07/02/2018

      I would LOVE to do a episode with him 😍😍😍 BRING HIM BACK

      • eboy323 on 06/16/2018

        Kaden is a STUD!!! Bring him back for a long-term residency!!

        • bsb48v1qg9 on 12/01/2017

          I love Kaden, please bring him back.

          • texiken2000 on 09/05/2017

            Bring the sexy hot fine sensual funny popular Kaden back BSB

            • facadesoulja on 08/16/2017

              Bring Kaden back

              • LIDELL on 02/05/2017

                I'm ALWAYS Happy to See KADEN ALEXANDER -- and I agree, he's one of the reasons I paid for this site as well! ... ;>)

                • hoover42 on 07/13/2015

                  WHERE IS KADEN???????

                  • mikeyh on 05/22/2015

                    kaden is the best

                    • linknla on 01/05/2015

                      just want to give Kaden some props, beautiful young man. I luv his personality and look forward to seeing more of him in the future. He seems like such a great guy.


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