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Kaden Alexander Fucks Skyler Raw Skip Class To Fuck Some Ass

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Skyler Daniels, Kaden Alexander

Kaden and Skyler are hot, horny, and ready to stoke one out, and they get right to it!  The clothes come off and they kiss, making out and touching each other before Kaden pushes Skyler onto the bed and goes down on him, eagerly taking that dick in his mouth.  He plays with himself while he gives Skyler some amazing head, drooling all over that juicy meat as Skyler watches from above before he moves into position to facefuck Kaden.

This boy is just as excited to deliver some oral and he sucks on that cock like it’s the best thing he’s ever gotten his mouth on, working his tongue along that prick until Kaden can’t take anymore and finally bends Skyler over and sticks him with his rock hard dick! Kaden is a beast, pounding Skyler’s tight little ass with his bareback cock, smacking his pale ass as he buries his member all the way inside Skyler’s hole.  

They switch positions and Kaden fucks Skyler raw side by side, slamming into him and claiming that ass as he pumps him full of his huge prick before Skyler lays on his back and spreads his legs for Kaden’s cock once again! Kaden runs his tongue along Skyler’s foot, kissing it as he pounds him until Skyler busts a nut. Kaden, kinky as he is, feeds Skyler some of his own jizz before shooting his own load all over Skyler’s face!

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