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Teen Guys Flip Fuck After Schools Out Bareback

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Adam Baer, Mick Torrence, Kaden Alexander

Adam, Kaden and Mick all on the same bed? What other proof is there for the existence of God? :-) Adam is in the middle and tells us what to expect. "Today everyone is getting fucked but me," Adam says into the camera. Kaden will lose his virginity and Mick will show those bottom skills he learned. Director Adam tells his scene mates to get naked. Adam and Kaden have some conversation about who is more dramatic. Mick is unusually silent in the opening, but that's to be expected. He's not used to getting plugged. Yet. LOL! The guys lose their clothes, and Adam is the meat in a Mick and Kaden sandwich. Adam sucks Mick and Kaden takes care of Adam. There's a whole lot of slurping and moaning. Adam, who is playing director, tells Kaden to stand up so he too can have some oral love. "I've never had a black dick in my mouth, but let's do this shit," Adam says. He opens his mouth and swallows Kaden's tool. Kaden guides his head to see if he can take it all. While this is happening, Mick is slurping away on Adam's meat. Poor Kaden. The newbie is cursing and moaning. He might pass out from Adam's blow job skills. It's time for some fucking, so Adam puts some lube on his tool. Kaden sits on it. He takes his time trying to get used to that big ol' raw thing. "Definitely a virgin hole," Adam says. Kaden's ass is being busted in two. But it ain't over for the newbie. He gets on his hands and knees, and Mick saddles up. Mick is gentle to the virgin, slow dicking him. A few strokes are balls deeps. Those cause the loudest cries. "I should not be enjoying this, but I am," Kaden says. Mick smacks those round cheeks as he makes Kaden his bottom boy. As for Adam, he is offering instruction as he strokes his own meat. "Break that shit in," Adam orders. Now it's Kaden's turn to have some fun. Mick gets on his stomach. Editorial moment: is there a more beautiful sight than Mick on his stomach? :-) Kaden lubes up and breaks the seal in one slow stroke. Mick sucks away on Adam's sausage to keep his mind focused. As for Kaden, he loves Mick's booty. "You like that hole," Adam asks. "Nice and tight," Kaden replies. Kaden kisses Mick's shoulders as he fucks him. Adam, the old pro, leans down and gives Kaden a sloppy kiss. Kaden gets on his back so Adam can get some more of that less than virgin hole. As for Mick, he feeds his dick to Kaden. The newbie is stuffed with man meat. And he's loving it. Listen to him moan. Adam is pounding away, causing poor Kaden to shake and shiver. Mick busts a load that lands on Kaden's tongue and lips. Mick puts his cock back in the newbie's mouth so he can wipe it clean. Kaden shoots next, his cum hits the top of Mick's butt cheeks and covers the rest of his abs. When Adam finally shoots, his cum mixes in with Kaden's. Wait for the post-coital teasing when Kaden smears man goo all over Mick's face!

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