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Kaden Alexander And Paul Canon Flip Fuck Raw Then Creampie

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Paul Canon, Kaden Alexander

Paul and Kaden. Kaden and Paul. The loins get warm just thinking about the combo (except for Rick Santorum fans…grin). The two cuties start this update kissing. As they make out, the shirts are lost. Paul gets naked first, his stick straining to be played with. Kaden hits his knees and sucks. "Watch your teeth," Paul advises. Come on, Kaden. You ain't no newbie! LOL! Kaden licks the tool, going up and down the shaft. Even tries to deep throat, but isn't too successful. LOL! However, he's grooving to giving Paul some oral love because his own dick is plump. He comes off his knees, and Paul places a kiss on the Kaden's mouth. He falls on the bed and now it's Paul's turn to show how teeth are not part of a good blow job. :-) Kaden begins to curse as Paul laps away. His dong is slick with spit and pre-cum. Kaden grabs Paul's locks to make sure he doesn't go anywhere. Kaden has the look of a man who has to bust. The time for fucking has arrived. Paul lubes up Kaden's sausage and takes a seat. He rides that johnson like a rodeo clown. "Oh, fuck," Paul moans. He leans in for a kiss, and the two change positions. Paul gets on his stomach and Kaden drives into that booty. Each stroke is balls deep. Poor Paul. He grabs the sheets for support. :-) Kaden grabs a cheek and tries to have his cock land in Paul's stomach. :-) Kaden kisses Paul's back, then eats out that well used boy hole. Such a considerate top. LOL! If you're going to be top, it's only fair to bottom. So after more smooching, Kaden gets on his back. Paul lubes up and busts that sweet ass. After waiting a minute, Paul gives Kaden what he gave him. The drilling is fast and furious, minus the few moments when Paul leans down for a kiss. Kaden is getting stuffed today, but with an ass like his that's only fair. :-) Paul isn't listening to Kaden's cries. He's using him the way he needs to be. Paul puts Kaden's feet behind his head. He strokes his junk and when his jizz shoots out, man milk fills up Kaden's ass portal. Paul returns to blowing Kaden. All this stimulation pushes Kaden over the edge. He pushes Paul off and shoots cream all over Paul's tongue. The two share all of this man juice with a sweet, juicy, kiss. Love. Exciting and new. :-)

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