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Tyler Evans

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  • Age: 18
  • Height: 5.10 (178cm)
  • Weight: 140 (64 kg)
  • Shoe: 9 US (43 EU)
  • Cock: 6.5 (17cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.57/5

In his own words:

"Get in close, Im gonna shoot."

Our comments:

"Tyler is from Phoenix and is an adorable and sexy package. You are going to love him."

Producer comments:

"Soon Tyler had a ragging boner in his mouth, and was going to town on it."

  • Tyler Isn't Ever Keen On Bottoming

    Aiden and Tyler star in this extra hot anal scene. Watch as Aiden fucks the cum out of Tyler!

  • Straight Boys Want Big Bucks For Toys

    Original Aiden meets up with Tyler, and together, they set the set the room on fire with their genuine passion while kissing. This is the hottest oral scene that we have seen so far.

  • Tyler Evans Plows Zakk's Tight Butt

    I'm pairing up Tyler Evans With Zakk today. This was a members choice to put these two guys together. See how far these boys go for some cash.

  • It's My Birthday & I Did Gay Porn

    It's Tyler's birthday and one of the members got him a cake. His cake had him naked on it. So to celebrate I put him with Leon so they can fuck.

  • Got My Ass Cherry Popped By A Guy

    Scott is straight and really cute. He has never topped or bottomed another guy until today. When they get undressed we joke a lot about his underwear but more importantly that ass is getting fucked today.

  • Girlfriend Has No Clue I Suck Cock

    Leon still has not sucked a cock or had his cocked sucked by another guy. I bring in Tyler to help assist with this. Let's see how Tyler helps Leon with going further with another guy.

  • Straight Red Head Sucks Cock For $

    Scott is cute and is pretty nervous. This is his very first scene with another guy. He agrees to suck cock for $600.

  • Bottoms Get $1,500 Tops Get $1,000

    Tyler, Nu and Jake are in this hot threesome together. I offer the guys $1,500 to bottom and $1,000 to top. See which one of these guys bottoms.

  • Guys Will Suck Cock But Not Kiss

    Tyler is in this hot scene with newbie Andy, who's ready to take the next leap and try some oral after a successful solo scene. See who does what and for how much in this update.

  • I'm Here To Experiment With Guys

    Jake considers himself bi-sexual. He experimented with a guy in college but that is it. We bring in Tyler to help and you can tell Jake is very nervous but also excited to suck his cock.

  • Birthday Boy Is 19 & Gets Fucked

    It's Tyler's birthday today and he is turning 19 so I had him choose what he wants to do with these other 2 models for his birthday. See what birthday surprise happens.

  • Hesitant Ace Gets Rammed By Tyler

    Ace is very hesitant to top or bottom. I bring in Tyler to help convince him to do one or the other. See if we are successful in getting Ace to do more on BSB.

  • Nervous Straight Guy Does Gay4pay

    Ace is straight and is back and we put him with Tyler. He is pretty nervous so I just have him do a jerkoff scene with one of our popular guys Tyler.

  • Straight Boy Logan Cherry Popping

    In this scene hot boy Logan bottoms for the first time. The lucky straight boy to fuck him is Tyler Evans. CJ is also in this scene and will be getting some dick too.

  • Gay Porn Model Tylers Interview

    Check out your favorite straight boy Tyler in this exclusive interview.

  • Gay Porn Star Tyler Makeup

    Check out Tyler in this makeup session.

  • Straight Guy Declines 4k To Bottom

    I work on Dustin to try to get him to bottom and offer him 4k to bottom but he says no way because that is an exit only hole. I then try to get Dustin to kiss another guy while he tops Tyler. See what happens.

  • Str8 College Dorm Bud Gets Fucked

    Tyler and Derek are back and this time with hottie Derek. Derek goes on tons of our broke straight boys events around the world.

  • Straight Boy Double Penetration

    This is the last of the party series with Austin, Danny and Nelson. This is one hot scene and one of our members favs.

  • Model Direct Porn. Whos Gets Fucked

    We continue our models direct series with Tyler, Austin, Danny and Nelson. One of these models gets fucked but it is up to the model Austin to decide.

  • Model Direct Other Straight Guys 3

    We continue our broke straight boys party series with Tyler and Danny.

  • Bsb Model Direct With Drag Show Pt1

    One of the guys decides they should make their own porn and sell it to me lol. So the boys directed their own gay porn scene. Kind of like Only Fans now lol. We take them to the club after.

  • Give The Guys A Hand & Mouth

    We bring in Michael and pair him up with Dustin and Tyler to help cross boundaries that he hasn't crossed before. They start with sucking his cock and go from there.

  • We Pay Bros To Suck Bros Cocks

    Straight guys Dustin, Tyler, and CJ are back. We are warming these guys up with sucking each others cock in this scene. We had fun joking around in the beginning.

  • Guys Tell Director Want 1k To Fuck

    I start to talk but Dustin tell me they already discussed everything with each other and they want 1,200 each to fuck and make a great scene. I agree with them and they put on a great scene.

  • Straight Boy Wants More To Bottom

    These straight guys have done oral before, but my goal was to take the shoot one more step further and get one of them to bottom.

  • Cumming Out Of The Closet

    I got a call from Corey, 21, a guy that hasn't been on in a while, and he said that he was interested in doing some gay porn shoots. I setup a shoot for him to come in and meet Tyler.

  • Outdoor Camping 5 Guy Orgy

    I took a group of models out on a little hiking trip to change things up and do something different than what they're use to at the studio. All the guys were excited for a chance to make some great money.

  • 3 Cocks, 3 Mouths, 3 Holes

    Dustin is straight, and has a job working in retail making crappy money. He was 21, just broken up with his girlfriend at the time, and that was one reason why he decided to do porn. Check out him in this 3-some.

  • Broke Straight Boy Orgy

    It's no lie that when you get a group of straight boys together in one room and they know they have to suck and fuck to make their cash, it could lead to some interesting moments on camera.

  • Straight Boy Sandwich

    I put these three guys together in this hot orgy scene. See how much they will do in this threesome scene.

  • Straight Porn Doesn't Pay Enough

    Tyler is one of our models that we get emails about all the time. After I had done a shoot with Tyler in Phoenix we had got a lot of questions so I decided to bring him in for an interview/get-to-know session.

  • Tyler Dominates Cj's Ass

    CJ and Tyler came back for another shoot, and I was pumped to do this shoot. Both these boys are hot, young, hard cocks all the time, and easy to work with. They love putting on a show for the camera.

  • Straight Boy Orgy Gay Porn For Cash

    Don't miss this hot straight boy orgy. Newbies Ryan and Dustin and two of your favoites Tyler and CJ. This one is gonna be hot.

  • Chris Fucked In The Ass By Tyler

    Tyler is back again and this time he is with Straight Boy Chris. Both guys need money again so they gave us a call. It worked out great for us because Tyler was requested by our members to take it in the ass.

  • Ryan Drinks Cum But Won't Suck Dick

    Our new Broke Straight Boy is Ryan. He is very straight and has a great personality and is hot. Be sure not to miss this shoot we get Ryan to do something never done before on broke straight boys.

  • Tyler & Austin Jackoff & Suck Cock

    Due to the popularity of Tyler and Austin, we have decided to put these two together to suck, jerk and 69. We think you'll agree that these two are quite the match.

  • Twink Straight Boys Blow Each Other

    Ethan comes back to our studios after blowing his money on a recent road trip. Desperate for money, we invite Tyler back to pair the two together and get them to suck cock for that ever-important wad of cash.

  • It's A Quick Way To Make Money Bro

    Tyler is back again for another shoot here at Broke Straight Boys, and today he's brought along Jacob. Jacob is hard up to make some money, and Tyler has learned that he's willing to do just about anything to make a quick buck.

  • Straight Twinks Wank It Together

    Aiden and Tyler are back for another shoot together and we've been working on getting these two to fuck. Finally after a lot of money and convincing we got them to do it. Check out this shoot to see how it went!

  • Gay For Pay Car Guys Suck Shlongs

    Tyler and Aiden are back again for another shoot like I had hoped for, after they did a jerk off scene together. Neither one seemed bothered by the last scene they did, especially because Aiden had done another shoot that involved oral before.

  • Guys Meet At Car Show Then Jackoff

    I went to the Miami Beach car show to see if I could pick up any straight boys to put into some shoots for us. While I was walking around the convention floor I ran across some hot guys.

Comments - Member's Only

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  • punxisdead on 12/07/2023

    whats tyler up to now

    • joeyjohn57 on 06/18/2023

      I love Tyler, so cute

      • Gr57wf425tr on 08/21/2021

        Love Tyler. Would like to see see you him as a top more. Such a hot guy.

        • ndamood4sum on 06/02/2018

          I had never heard of BSB until I saw the video of Tyler at the Miami Auto Show. That is when I found the website and joined as well. Someone said the new models are good but I would agree that Tyler was one of the best, right up there with CJ, Austin, Diesal, Mike Robbins and even Dustin. I took a break from BSB for a little while and when I returned they had a bunch of new models and the old ones were gone. Is this because of the new owner and why didn't they stay? I've seen a recurring theme where the members are asking for so sort of update and no one from BSB ever responds. I understand they can't give out any personal information but they could at least answer if they are alive and well.

          • anonymous on 04/09/2018

            Where is tyler right now? Hope he doing fine 😍

            • coco57 on 10/19/2017

              I wonder what Tyler is doing? He seems a very intelligent young man. I would have loved to have seen him and his cousin Chasen Evans have sex, like they did in real life (according to Chasen). I hope your well Tyler and in a stable relationship.

              • Stravec86 on 06/13/2019

                That would be hot to see, but where did you hear/read that the had sex together?

              • coco57 on 10/19/2017

                I wonder what Tyler is doing? He seems a very intelligent young man. I would have loved to have seen him and his cousin Chasen Evans have sex, like they did in real life (according to Chasen). I hope your well Tyler and in a stable relationship.

                • anonymous on 10/11/2017

                  He made me gay

                  • anonymous on 07/16/2017

                    Tyler, #1 boy on this site for sure. Sexy as hell, great body and cutest smile

                    • anonymous on 04/25/2017

                      would love to see the "Jack Rabbit" Tyler come back and break in a few newbies and show them just how to fuck. Is Tyler still involved?