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Logan Gets His Cherry Popped By Tyler Evans

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Tyler Evans, Logan, Cj

To do something a little exciting I invited three of our famous models back to do another shoot and this time it was going to be an anal three way scene. The plan was that CJ was going to bottom, and Logan was going to finally give it up and try bottoming for the first time along with topping in the scene as well. Then, there was Tyler sitting on the end of the couch and he was just going to do whatever we needed in the shoot. We talked about how Tyler still looked the same and had not spent any time outside getting some sun. Also talked about him spending his time in the broke straight boys forum chatting with the members, and he wanted to make it clear that it really is him replying to posts. This shoot was another part of our charity event where we planned on auctioning off the salmon colored sheet after all the boys busted a nut on it. Then, to top it off, they were going to sign the sheet close to their load and as an added bonus the boys were also going to autograph a photo. CJ and Logan were going to give away their underwear from the shoot as well. Going over the pay, because let's face it that was what the boys are after when they come to the studio. Logan was going to make more than the other two, because this was his first time receiving anal. I asked Tyler if they had decided who was doing what in the shoot when I was out grabbing another tape to film with, and Tyler was going to fuck Logan, and then the two of them were going to tag team CJ's ass. I had the guys stand to strip off their shirts, and took a notice to Tyler's hard work in the gym. He spun from side to side to show off the abs, and then I made sure to show the other two guys as well. Dropping their shorts, they were left standing in their underwear, and I told them to take a seat on the couch. Playing with their cocks all of them were working on getting hard. I asked if they were going to do any oral and they looked at me like they wanted direction. It was Logan who started to take off his underwear first, and he leaned over and started to suck on CJ's cock first. Tyler didn't want to just sit there so he started to give head to Logan. All three of them were busy and I could hear all the saliva in Logan's mouth that he was using to suck on CJ's cock. Changing things up Logan sat up and CJ went to sucking on Logan's dick to return the favor, and Tyler played with Logan's balls. Even with CJ's mouth full he reached over to jerk off Tyler. The three of them did a little more oral before I posed the question if they were ready to start fucking. Logan just wanted to get it over with, so everyone did their part to get ready. CJ was in charge of changing the couch into a bed and the other two just had to worry about themselves. Logan got in the doggy-style position and Tyler moved in behind him. I told Tyler to take it easy considering that this was Logan's first time doing anal and he did nothing to practice. Of course, Tyler didn't listen he shoved his cock right in there and started to fuck. To help keep his mind busy on a task to do, I pointed at CJ to move in close for Logan to give him head. This would keep him busy and we would see more fucking. Picking up speed and going deeper Tyler was enjoying pounding Logan's virgin ass. Logan didn't really do anything or say anything for a while. But, then he paused and took a second to catch a breather, but Tyler kept the movement going so that he didn't go limp. Flipping over onto his back, we wanted to see Logan in another position and one where we could really see his face. Tyler pushed Logan's feet as far forward as possible to let me see all the penetration, and to go deep. He even made the comment about how much tighter the hole was in this position. CJ not wanting to just stand there, he jumped in and gave head to Logan for a minute. I asked if Logan and Tyler wanted a chance to get to fuck CJ, and both seemed to be game for more fucking. Hopping on his back, CJ was ready and Logan got his cock right in there and started pounding that hole as hard as he could. Tyler positioned himself over CJ so that he could get head, and the three guys kept the action going. I told CJ to start working on getting hard to get off. Stroking his dick while he was getting fucked, and watching a video seemed to do the trick. His dick was almost hard, and from the sound of CJ's breathing he was getting close to shooting his load. Tyler leaned forward and started to rub CJ's chest, and Logan kept fucking. Giving me a warning CJ shot his load and came all over his arm and it was a great size load for him doing a shoot less than a week ago. The other two guys went to jerking off behind CJ on their knees. Tyler tensed up his body, and Logan just concentrated on jerking off the head of his cock. It was Tyler who let out the next warning that he was going to bust a nut. His load shot all the way up to CJ on the sheet, who was lying on the bed. I was looking it over with the camera when Logan announced that he was ready. He shot his load right on the sheet as well, and all the guys covered the sheet in cum. This was a great shoot with lots of action between the three of them, and I was glad to have this shoot go towards charity. All three of them were ready to shower, clean up, and collect their money to go out and spend it.

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