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Tyler Turns 19 & Gets His Ass Fucked Drew & CoreyAdd Movie to your Favorites
Tyler Evans, Corey May, Drew Shaw

On Tyler's 19th birthday I had arranged for him to do a shoot, not really knowing that it was his birthday at first. It wasn't until after he showed up to do it that he brought it up. When the other guys Cory and Drew got to the studio we all moved into the shoot room, and they took a seat on the couch. I let them know that it was Tyler's birthday and as a bonus surprise for him he was going to get to pick what was going to happen in the shoot. Looking at me, he said that he wanted to hold the camera, and I told him the members didn't want to watch me in the shoot. Going for his second choice, he said that he would fuck the two of them for his birthday. Cory spoke up right away saying that he wasn't going to bottom for any reason even if it was Tyler's birthday. When I asked if Drew would do anal, he said that he wasn't up for going that far but that he was fine with oral. Feeling a sense of letdown from Tyler that he wasn't going to get what he wanted for his birthday, he asked me how much he could make for bottoming. Since it was his birthday, the price $1000 rolled off my tongue but he came back saying that he wanted $1200. I agreed to it so then everyone was on board with the shoot. Remaining seated, the three boys went for their shirts, then their pants. Leaving them in their underwear on the couch, I told them that I would put on some porn and Tyler gave me some shit for putting on porn that had a tranny in it last time. Both Drew and Cory were going to give Tyler head since he was going to be taking one for the team to do the shoot. Drew went first, sucking on Tyler's dick, and Cory jerked off watching and rubbed Tyler's chest. Then the two of them switched and Cory gave head while Drew sucked on Tyler's nipple and licked his chest. Tyler just sat back and enjoyed the attention he was getting. Each time that Cory gave head, he proved to me that he was very good at it and didn't mind having a cock in his mouth. When Tyler was hard and Cory was ready to fuck, I had them turn the couch into a bed. Tyler laid down on his back and rested his feet on the bed. Cory moved in between his legs and directed his cock in towards Tyler's asshole. Once Cory was able to get his dick all the way in, he started to pump his hips back and forth. As he started to fuck Tyler a little harder, the threesome seemed to get a little more intense. Drew, standing off to the side, licked Tyler's chest and got his dick sucked by Cory. When Cory's body was on top of Tyler's, he was a much better top and seemed to really get deep, causing Tyler to reach around Cory's thighs and pull him in. They were hot to watch! As Cory was over Drew, he turned his head to the side and put Drew's dick back in his mouth. Cory was mister talented, being able to fuck and suck at the same time. Moving in behind Cory to film some more of the penetration, I do have to say that Cory has one of the nicest asses I have ever seen. Each cheek is just the right size to fit in your hand, his ass and crack is smooth, and it's very toned muscle. One thing is for sure, I bet if this straight boy's asshole was ever to get rimmed he would fly through the roof from the rush. Plus, someone would go to town on putting their tongue in such a nice hole. To get in a better position so that Cory could be a little more comfortable, Drew hopped up on the bed along the wall. Cory was able to turn his head and right there was Drew's dick to suck, and Cory made my eyebrow rise when I watched him suck dick so well. After a bit, he paused from doing that and went back to concentrating on fucking Tyler. As he fucked, his hips would roll, causing most of his cock to come out and then he would push it all the way back in deep. Tyler let it out that he was getting close to shooting his load. The more that Cory kept going, the more intense Tyler seemed to have his orgasm, and when he came he shot his load right up the middle of his chest. One of the hottest things to watch is a guy getting off while getting fucked. Cory kept going without stopping, and Drew dropped down to his knees jerking off next to Tyler. He shot his load right on Tyler's shoulder area, and then I panned down to see that Cory had already pulled out. Jerking off he shot his load right on Tyler's stomach and dick leaving Tyler covered in cum. Afterward Tyler said that he was going to have to take an hour shower in order to get all the cum off before he went out that night to try and get laid with this girl. Happy 19th Birthday Tyler!

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