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Straight Boy Sandwich Who Gets Plowed?

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Tyler Evans, Derek Fox, Dustin Michaels

Derek called me after his first shoot that he had done with Tyler and we wanted to do another one. In thinking about it, he told me that he wanted to do more in the next one. I got on the phone, and went through my emails to see just who I could line up for the shoot. It took me about a day to figure out who was available and who would work well together. In going through the guys, I decided to put Derek with Tyler together again. Even though they just did a shoot together, I needed Derek to be as comfortable as possible. Then, I brought in Dustin, one of our straight guys who has his limits and won't move on certain things. I gave them all the time and day that we were going to do the shoot. The day that they were to show up, Derek called before hand to confirm that he would be there and he told me that he was more nervous, since he knew it was going to be a threesome type shoot. I told him to relax and to just arrive a little early to talk some before the other boys would get to the studio. When everyone showed up for the shoot, I kept them completely separate from each other. I started with Derek on the couch and we kind of refreshed everyone on who he was, and what I was going to have him do in the scene. Then, I brought in Dustin and Tyler to take a seat next to him on the couch. Then, we talked about Dustin and him not wanting anything to go near his butt. One day, I would like to think that I could get him to at least put a finger up his butt for some money. Moving along, I had the guys stand for me to strip down to their underwear. As all three of them were standing taking off clothing and throwing things to the floor, I talked to Dustin a little bit more than the others. I remember him telling me that he did baseball in a previous shoot, but he told me that he hasnt been on the team recently. His grades were starting to suffer and he needed to spend more time with his head in his books. The guys took a seat to watch the porn that we had on in the back ground. All three of them were pulling on their cocks under their underwear, getting turned on for us to see their dicks. Dustin was the first one to pull his dick out, and it was about half way to a rock hard cock. Tyler was ready to go, and he always seems to be that way in the shoots. The guys were all about there, and I told them to go ahead and start the oral. Leaning over to their left to start, they sucked the guy sitting next to them. Derek was doing a great job sucking Tyler's cock and Tyler was in tune to watching what he was doing. Dustin on the other hand sucked Derek's dick for a bit, but then got tired of the position. Switching things up I had them go the other way on the couch. Dustin moaned like he has before when he gets his dick sucked. Thrusting his dick deeper in Derek's mouth, Dustin wanted more in. They all stayed in this position for a while before I had to stop them. Time was going by pretty fast in the shoot and I wanted to make sure that I got my money's worth. I told them that I wanted to start the fucking and they were ready. Dustin was the first one to jump up and grab a condom, and they all helped to get the couch setup. Derek got on his back, and put his legs up in the air. Tyler put Derek's head in between his legs to get his dick sucked. When Dustin was hard and ready he pushed his way in Derek's tight ass. Even when Derek squirmed to get away Dustin moved in closer. Tyler leaned forward and tried to suck and stroke Derek's dick with all the movement going on. I do have to say that Dustin likes to fuck, and he will pound anything he can get his dick in. It was good that Tyler kept his dick in Derek's mouth otherwise he probably would have made too much noise. Flipping over, Derek got doggie-style and this allowed for Dustin to really push his dick all the way in. He even slapped Derek on the ass a couple of times. The guys knew that I wanted to see if we could get a train to happen in the shoot. Dustin climbed in behind Derek and got a condom on. Since Derek was loose and comfortable, it was easy for Tyler to get started fucking. Once, Tyler was hard and not paying as much attention to things, Dustin got a new condom on. Dustin just smiled at the chance to get to fuck Tyler in the ass. He moved towards Tyler and guided his dick into Tyler's ass. As the dick started to get pressed in, Tyler stopped all movement and concentrated on what was going on. He went into shock from the feeling of having a cock in his ass. I knew that Tyler was just uncomfortable and needed to relax, so we tried to give him a break. He wouldn't take it though; Dustin just stayed in, and moved only a little bit. As he started up again, Tyler told him to stop. At the same time, he didn't want him to stop either. Tyler was stuck in the middle of pain and pleasure, and we were just going to have to get him to relax. Tyler let the cock go in and out for a while, and then he even road it himself, while keeping his dick inside Derek. All three guys were sweaty, tired, and about to blow their loads at any moment. Dustin was able to fuck for a while in this shoot, and I really was turned on by his performance. He gave me just a little bit of a warning as he pulled out and took the condom off. He came all over Tyler's back, shooting his load on his butt. The cum ran down Tyler's butt, and some went in his butt crack. I asked Tyler if he was close, and he told me he was. It took him a moment of jerking off, but he shot this load all over Derek's leg and stomach. The load was huge, and messy. The guys all waited for Derek to blow his load after them. Tyler laid down since it was taking so long, and kept jerking himself off. He actually was able to get off a second time, not much of a load, but still. The guys were tired of waiting for Derek and just got up from the couch. I told them it was fine, Derek was just going to miss out on getting off in this shoot. Great job guys!

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