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Straight Bro Chris Fucked In The Ass By Tyler

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Tyler Evans, Chris Grant

Tyler and Chris are back for another shoot, because we got so many requests for more Tyler. Members wanted to see him fuck another guy, so when I called him up to ask him to do it, he was game from the start. I asked him if there was anyone particular that he wanted to do the scene with and he said his buddy Chris. We got everything lined up, and set a date for them to come into the studio. When they came for their shoot, they headed straight for the couch. I went over what we wanted to see on camera one more time, and they gave the green light. To start things off I asked them if they would kiss a little bit, and at first Tyler said yes. But, I dont think that he heard me right, because a second later he changed his mind right away and said that he didnt want to do it. Kissing guys wasnt his thing. Getting undressed they both stood up to take off their pants and shirts. Chris and Tylers bodies were almost the same, because they were skinny, pale white, and had some muscle tone. I figured that they had to workout to keep in shape like they were, but both said that they hardly had time or wanted to. Returning to the couch they took a seat, and started to rub their cocks. I asked them to reach over and grab each others dick to work on getting them hard. That didnt go on for to long before I asked to see some head. Tyler was the first one to suck dick in the shoot and he dropped to his knees on the floor to service Chris. As he got started, Chris moaned a little bit and agreed that Tyler was getting to know how to give great head. After a while though I asked the two of them to switch and without wasting time they changed and Chris knees were getting rug-burns from the carpet. To make sure that the fucking was going to go well; I had Chris take a seat on the couch to see if he would get a little harder. Tyler was ready for fucking, so we changed the couch into a bed and got out the rubbers. As Tyler was putting on the condom, I could see that Chris was getting a little more nervous at this point. I assured him that we would take things at a pace that he was comfortable with and to just let us know throughout the fucking how he was doing. Nodding his head he dropped to all fours and assumed the position, for a dick to be pushed into his ass. Tyler put some lube on his dick and Chris asshole pretty quickly, and then put his cock right in. Starting out he was slow with the first push, but Tyler was turned on by the tight hole. He went to pounding Chris really hard, and after they worked out a couple of issues they had, things went to a great pace. Reaching forward Tyler grabbed a hold of Chris hair to pulled, while they were fucking. That looked very hot! Slapping Chris on the ass, Tyler would then squeeze the ass cheeks in his hand and pound the hell out of the ass that his dick so desired. The both of them looked like they were going to be getting close to cumming, so to change things up I had them change positions really quick. Chris turned over and put his legs up in the air and Tyler didnt let a second pass before he put his cock right back in to continue. Only after a very short minute did Chris yell out that he was going to cum and he came on his lower stomach while getting fucked. Tyler kept fucking him to get closer himself, and he pulled out to jerk off between Chris legs. In his own zone, Tyler was concentrating on getting off and he seemed to be pretty close. His hand moved at the same pace up and down on his cock. Letting out some very loud moans he got up on his knees, moved closer to Chris and shot his load. Several bursts of cum were shot out onto Chris stomach. Both guys did a great job, and I thanked them both for doing the shoot that we had requested.

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