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Tyler Evans, Mike Dunn, Dustin Michaels

When Michael showed up for his first shoot he was nervous, and but looking forward to the chance to make some money. I told him on the phone before the shoot that normally I start everyone off in a solo shoot , but due to some time constraints I preferred if I could put him a scene with some more guys. On his application he put that he was open to working with other guys if that meant more money. Michael was the first to arrive at the studio anyway so we began filming in the shoot room, to do a little get to know piece on camera. Michael is 21, currently going to school for nursing, is straight, has had girlfriends in the past, and seems to be open-minded to a point. I questioned his sexuality when he told me that he wanted to be a nurse, because every nurse that I have came across in the health care field has been gay. Bring up the fact that we're a gay owned and operated studio Michael knew what he was walking into. I heard some movement going on outside the shoot room door, so I asked Michael if it was okay for me to bring the other guys into the room. He said it was fine, and in walked Tyler and Dustin both taking a seat on each side of Michael. Tyler has become more bi-sexual the more that he does shoots with us, but has told me that he only messes around with guys in the studio. In his personal life he only cares to be with woman, as far as Dustin goes he is straight, and only does what he does on camera for the money to pay bills. Both Dustin and Tyler both told Michael that if he keeps an open-mind that he will walk away with some great money. That being said I asked Michael to stand up for me and start with taking his shirt off. I asked if he worked out, because from looking over his body I could tell that he took care of himself. He said that he would when he gets the time, but one of his favorite hobbies is to run. Continuing on he took off his pants leaving him in his underwear, and I did make him turn around to show his butt to the camera. His smooth, bubbly butt was very nice, and he turned around and took a seat on the couch. After that I had Dustin and Tyler both take their turns of getting undressed and down to their underwear as well. Putting on some straight porn for them to watch, so that they would get hard to move on to bigger, better things, oral! It appeared as though Tyler was having some issues and was moving his hands around, and that's when he said that he was hard and ready to go. I mentioned to all of them that if they were comfortable and ready their underwear could drop. Tyler was first to take his designer underwear off, and Michael followed. Michael's cock was rock hard and standing straight up, and Dustin was last, but his dick was coming along nicely as well. Since this was going to be Michael's first time getting a blow job from a guy, I figured why not make it a little more special and have two guys do it. That's when Tyler got started first giving oral, and Dustin reached over with his hand and started to rub and pull on Michael's balls. When Tyler came up for air and a break, Dustin took over sucking and even was deep-throating the cock. It was clear that Michael was enjoying the blow jobs, but after a while the other two guys wanted a turn. I had Michael start with sucking Dustin's dick first, because I knew that he needed to get hard and it was oral that would make that happen. Michael lowered his lips down to the cock, and put it in his mouth. He was very gentle in how he did it at first and then he seemed to get a little better at it as he went on. As he gave head, Tyler reached over and jerked Michael off to keep him from going limp. Then to change things up, I had Michael switch and go to sucking on Tyler's dick. It was Dustin's turn to keep Michael hard, and rather than doing any more oral he too jerked him off, but after a while Michael started to go limp. When Tyler sucked on Michael's cock for just another minute, I tried to get Dustin and Michael to kiss. Dustin said that it wasn't his thing, but I told him that I would give him another $100. However, it was Michael who still wasn't going for doing any kissing yet. All three guys then went to jerking off next to one another to the porn, and as they stroked their cocks I filmed each one of them. That's when I really noticed Michael's abs popping out when he was curling up on the couch. His body started to tense up and he gave me a warning that he was about to shoot his load. When he came he shot a couple of times with a big glob of it going on the carpet in front of him, and then on his hand. I asked the other guys who was going to go next. Both Tyler and Dustin were concentrating on what was going on in the porn and it seemed like the two of them were having a race. Going back and forth watching them both jerk off I was just ready for whoever called out first. And the winner was Dustin, who let me know that he was about to cum, sure enough he released his load right on the lower part of his stomach area. After that I moved over to Tyler who was ready to go with his load and he shot right up the middle of his chest making it up between his nipples. I can always trust that Tyler will give me an award winning cum shot every time. For Michael's first time sucking dick he didn't do too badly, now I just have to get him to come back and fuck a dude to make this model really break the mold.

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