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Austin Directs The Other Boys In Porn Scene Part 3

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Tyler Evans, Nelson, Danny

Austin was quick to hop out of the shower and grab the camera. Pressing the record button he told Tyler and Danny to take a seat on the bed. It wasn't long before he instructed them to get naked and get started. As they were standing off to the side of the bed stripping down, they peeled off the comforter that had some of Austin's cum on it. As the two of them laid there on the bed, Austin told Danny that he had to get off in the shoot no matter what, so that he would make some money. Danny agreed, and then they were underway with him starting out giving oral. Tyler just relaxed as Danny was giving him oral, and Danny's warm mouth consumed his cock. Blood filled Tyler's cock making him as hard as rock. Going slow Danny wasn't in a hurry to rush through the oral, and he took his time mixing up how he gave his blow job. I could tell that Danny was getting better at concentrating on just the tip of the cock. Once Tyler seemed like he was as hard as he was going to get, and that his dick wasn't going down. Austin threw him some condoms, and there happened to be different colors. Giving Danny a choice he choose the green one, which Tyler said was for being horny. Danny just said it was for being Irish. Putting the condom on, the boys got in place and Austin got a better grip to steady control over the camera. As Tyler started to push his cock into Danny, Austin cheered him on to just slam it in there. Danny argued and told him not to do that, because his ass is not like a pussy. However, Tyler continued to just work on building some kind of steady rhythm. I guess that it takes Danny getting fucked to get him to come to life on camera. He was moving around, talking, and jerking off with a dick going in and out of his ass. Tyler wasn't going to hold back, as he was fucking Danny he reached around to jerk Danny off. Danny wasn't getting hard yet, but there was still hope. As Danny got his ass fucked, it would giggle with the pounding. Austin panned off to the side to find Nelson sitting in a chair jerking off to the sight of the two guys fucking. Danny had a tendency to curve his back, and so Tyler would push down to get him to level out to help him stay in. Changing up the positions, Danny flipped over on his back and put one leg up in the air. Tyler pushed his dick in, and was able to keep going at the pace that he left off with. Grabbing both ankles Tyler fucked Danny with his legs spread wide apart. Danny was playing with his cock and was working on trying to get hard. Austin even got behind Danny at one point to really show the penetration. Tyler was good at mixing up the rhythm in the fucking, and Danny was moaning like a girl loving it. Nelson was in the background about ready to bust at any moment for a second time that night. With a warning Danny was ready to bust a load. As he squeezed his cock really tight, he shot his load right out on his stomach. Tyler pulled out and jerked off right over Danny to shoot his load. As he came, his load covered Danny's stomach and dick. Right after, the guys got off Austin let it known that he was tired and ready to head back, so that he could get some sleep. Danny and Tyler both wanted to hop in the shower before they got in the car for the hour drive back. All the guys knew that they were going to get a chance for getting some more work with another party planned the following night.

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