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Straight Boys Direct The Porn Scene & Go To Club Part 1

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Tyler Evans, Austin Grant, Danny

We were looking to have a Broke Straight Boys party, and some of the models got together before hand. I had a bunch of errands to run, and boys to pick up before I would get too busy. At the house, I left Tyler, Danny, and Austin there to hang out until I got back. One thing that I told them was that I wanted them to test out using one of the cameras in case I would need some help. My hope was that they would at least listen and try it. Later on when I got home and found them passed out on the couch, I noticed that the camera had been moved. Picking it up I started to watch the footage of when I was gone. It started out with them in the kitchen drinking a whole bunch of vodka shots. Danny and Austin were hamming them down as fast as they could. Tyler was the one that was holding the camera filming them. He wasn't having any shots, and the guys made fun of him acting like me. Tyler told them to start kissing, and they fired back that they weren't working. They wanted money for messing around, and if I wasn't going to be there, then where was the money going to come from. Tyler put up some of his own money if they would kiss for him. The guys were all about making money, and so they were talking about shooting their own video and then selling it to me to use. Taking another shot, Danny and Austin just looked at each other. Austin was the first to start leaning in and the two of them started to kiss. As they were kissing they walked together and hands started to rub the other person. Austin started to squeeze and rub Danny's dick, while Danny played with Austin's nipples. Two hot jocks kissing and playing with each other happens to be one of the hottest things to film. Danny pulled out Austin's dick and started to play with it. Austin glided Danny away from kissing and down to his dick. Getting down on his knees Danny put the cock in his mouth and started to suck. Danny was getting Austin rock hard, and seemed to be pretty good at giving head. In watching all the oral going on Tyler was getting horny himself. He handed the camera over to Austin to hold so that he could get Danny to give him head. Danny moved over and started to give oral to Tyler. As they were doing their thing in the kitchen they started talking about doing more in order to get more money out of me for the video. Moving into the bedroom they all three walked, and put the camera on a tripod in the room. Tyler had setup a tripod and the guys gave him shit for having it all setup. Austin took a seat on the bed in the middle, and Danny resumed sucking on his dick. Face fucking his mouth, Austin would thrust his hips up. Then, they switched and Tyler started to give Austin head for a bit, while Danny worked on getting hard. Kind of forming a line, all three of them then got in on the action. Austin started giving head to Danny, who was hard and loving the blow job. Tyler was sucking on Austin's dick, keeping him going. They went for a while before switching and going in the other direction, so that Tyler could get some action too. All three guys were close to getting off, so they laid on the bed next to each other just stroking their own cocks. It wasn't long before Austin was the first one to shoot his load just at the base of his cock. He was a little out of breath after that orgasm. Tyler came next shooting his load up his chest in several squirts. Danny seemed to be too hammered to get off with them, so they mimic what I would have said and that was that Danny only made half for not getting off. They hurried and got cleaned up after that in the hopes that I wouldn't have found out what they did right away. Going to the party that night all the boys were center attention up on the stage, and did a little strip show for the members of the audience. The best part was when they had to loose their underwear and just hold a towel over their cocks for everyone to imagine their sizes. They had a great time afterwards and they wanted to go over to one of the other model's place to hang out. I told them to take a camera or two with them when they went, and it was fine.

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