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Jos Alvarez

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  • Age: 26
  • Height: 5.5 (165cm)
  • Weight: 135
  • Shoe: 9 US (43 EU)
  • Cock: 8.0 (20cm) Uncut
  • Performer Rating: 4.6/5

In his own words:

"Having been raised in Cuba and growing up in the US, I have a deep appreciation for life, opportunity, love and respect. I try to share these with everyone around me as I love my friends and love to make new friends even more. "

Our comments:

"Jos is a very well mannered guy. You can tell he has a very kind heart and when you talk to him you really understand that he enjoys welcoming others into his life. "

  • Zeke And Jos After The Scene

    Jos took Zeke’s dick nice and hard. Now the boys sit down with us to talk about dominant roles, cum swapping, and what gets Zeke to be in control.

  • Zeke Pounding Jos' Tight Ass

    Zeke tries his hand at being a top this time, and Jos is ready to take him. The boys warm up with a kiss and some foreplay, before Jos gives his ass up to Zeke.

  • Zeke And Jos Before The Scene

    Zeke and Jos are back to give us another scene together. This time, Zeke wants to top. Let’s see if Jos can take it, and how hard Zeke will give it to him.

  • Jos And Charlie After The Scene

    Jos burned calories fucking our southern straight boy Charlie, and he’s ready to eat. Charlie is ready to relax on the beach. The two guys catch up with us after their scene.

  • Jos And Charlie Fucking Bareback

    Charlie is back, and this time he has his hands all over Jos. In fact he’s so into him that he wants to suck dick for the first time, before putting Jos’ large cock inside him.

  • Jos And Charlie Before The Scene

    Charlie is back, with all his southern charm, hanging out next to Jos. The boys talk about their sleep schedules, their social life, and the porn they like to watch. One of them has a foot fetish too…

  • Jos And Jordan After The Scene

    Jordan sucked off Jos really well, but when his ass wasn’t ready for the taking, he instead switched gears. He sits down with Jos to talk about the struggles of being a bottom for the first time.

  • Hard Lessons With Jordan & Jos

    Jordan wants to learn how to tap into his submissive side, and Jos is just the right guy to teach him. How many things is Jordan willing to do at once?

  • Jos And Jordan Before The Scene

    Jos is back after a hiatus, and we paired him up with Jordan. Jordan wants to suck dick more, but is he ready to bottom?

  • The Boy In The Band

    Today, we're brining back Jos to help break in BSB newbie Rowan Hunter! Rowan and Jos are immediately at ease with each other, which makes the sex that much more amazing as they strip down and get hard!

  • Full Of Cum & Need Release & Cash

    Jack and Jos are full of cum and looking for some release...and some extra cash. They've come to the right place as we get these guys started, kissing and fucking and sucking until they nut hard!

  • After The Scene Jos And Chase

    Before Chase and Jos leave to go grab dinner and a shower, we get their input on the scene and how it went for each of them.

  • Chases Tight Ass Fucked By Jos

    Chase gets his tight ass fucked and stretched by Jos's impressively large cock, taking it all until he can't help but cum all over!

  • After The Scene Jos And Gage

    We check in with Jos and Gage just after their scene, finding out which parts of that very hot sex was their favorite!

  • Gage Gets Bent Over Fucked By Jos

    Gage gets bent over the bed and gets his tight hole pounded by Jos, who buries every inch of his prick in that sweet ass!

  • Before The Scene Jos And Gage

    Jos and Gage have both been with BSB for a long time, so we find out what these two experienced guys are thinking before they get to fucking!

  • After The Scene Jos And Lucas

    Jos and Lucas keep their after-scene interview short and sweet, clearly a little worn out after that amazing fuck!

  • Lucas Fucked Sideways By Jos

    Jos treats Lucas to an amazing blowjob and rimjob before bending him over and taking that ass with his raw prick!

  • Before The Scene Jos And Lucas

    Asking Jos and Lucas some easy questions helps these guys wake up a little more as they get ready for their early morning scene together!

  • After The Scene Jos And Zeke

    Stick around after Zeke and Jos fuck and listen to their discussion about what they think makes for the best possible scene.

  • Jos Shows Zeke Weidman How To Fuck

    Jos and Zeke have very fun chemistry together, and it shows once they start sucking cock and 69ing! Zeke gets his hole filled with Jos's dick until they're both cumming hard!

  • Before The Scene Jos And Zeke

    Jos and Zeke have been able to get to know each other pretty well during their time at the house. And now they're prepping to get to know one another on a whole new level as they get ready for their scene!

  • After The Oral Jos And Chase

    It was certainly a fun scene - Jos and Chase sucking dick in the woods. See how these two studs felt about it in this behind the scenes bonus update!

  • Jos Alvarez And Chase Daniels Oral

    Jos and Chase spice things up with an outdoors scene, sucking and each other's cock until one of these studs ends up with a mouthful of cum!

  • Before The Oral Jos And Chase

    Jos and Chase are prepping for their upcoming scene. See what's on their mind before we send them off to suck cock!

  • After The Scene Ryan And Jos

    After Ryan and Jos's scene, we talk about that nice big load that Jos gave us and how the rest of the scene went for these tired guys!

  • Ryan Parks Goes Deep Inside Jos

    Jos bottoms, taking Ryan's thick shaft in his tight hole, that cock filling him up until he cums hard!

  • Before The Scene Ryan And Jos

    Ryan and Jos join us for a quick pre-scene interview, sharing what they've learned about each other and how they usually tackle their scenes!

  • After The Scene Jos And James

    James and Jos talk with us after their scene, sharing their favorite parts!

  • Jos Sticks His Dick Inside James

    Jos fucks James deep and raw, his cock throbbing hard after getting it sucked by James's skilled mouth!

  • Before The Scene Jos And James

    Jos and James are up bright and early to fuck for you...but before they get started, we ask them a few questions about what they've learned this week.

  • After The Scene Jos And Casey

    Jos and Casey take a break after their scene to share their thoughts and feelings on how it went!

  • Jos Alvarez Dominates Casey Owens

    Jos tops Casey, shoving his hard cock up Casey's ass until he makes him cum!

  • Before The Scene Jos And Casey

    In this free bonus behind the scenes update, Jos and Casey talk about what they've learned about each other, and what they've learned through their other scenes!

  • After The Scene With Jos And Cody

    Jos and Cody are still stroking their cocks when we roll the camera and get their input on their scene together!

  • Jos Eats Codys Ass Then Spreads It

    Jos eats Cody's ass then spreads it apart and pushes his cock inside, fucking him bareback as Cody moans for more!

  • Before The Scene With Jos And Cody

    Jos and Cody join us for a few minutes to talk about their scene and what they've been working on...see what these sexy guys have to say!

  • After The Scene Calhoun And Jos

    Check in with Calhoun and the thoroughly fucked Jos as they share their experiences on the scene!

  • Will My Big Dick Fit Inside His Ass?

    Calhoun Sawyer shoves his huge cock in Jos's mouth. Calhoun really knows how Jos Alvarez likes it and is going to stick his huge dick into Jos's tight little hole the right way.

  • Before The Scenes Calhoun And Jos

    Check out this free bonus behind the scenes update as we chat with Calhoun and Jos before they get to fuckin'!

  • Marcus' Sweet Ass Dominated By Jos

    Sweet boy Marcus gets his cute ass dominated by Jos's big cock, getting filled to the brim as Jos fucks him raw!

  • Jos Doggy-style Fucks Derek Cline

    Everyone's favorite Jos Alvarez is paired with the new guy Derek Cline. Jos shows Derek a hard doggy-style fuck before pounding his tight asshole missionary!

  • Jos Alvarez Fucking Malakai Raw

    Jos Alvarez is back, this time we pair him with the sexy new guy Malakai White to fuck his tight ass bareback!

  • Jos Deep Throating Codys Prick

    Jos Alvarez lets Cody Smith pound his tight ass, taking him raw all over the couch as Jos moans for more!

  • Kace Axel And Jos Alvarez Flip

    Jos and Kace flip in this hot scene, each stud getting a turn to fuck the other raw and deep!

  • Cute Jos Bottoms For Ethan Steel

    Cute Jos bottoms for Ethan Steel, letting him fuck his ass hard and raw as he takes every inch!

  • Jos Fucking Skys Tight Ass Hardcore

    Jos giving it hard and fast to Ski Clesi until they both cum!

  • Charles Tight Ass Taken By Jos

    Sexy Jos Alvarez dominates Charles Owens, taking that tight ass with his raw cock.

  • Chat W/ Gay Porn Stars Ben, Jos & Richie

    Join us as we sit down with Richie, Jos and Benjamin as we get to know these guys a little more.

  • Benjamin, Jos And Richie Threeway

    A fun threesome between Benjamin, Jos and Richie. Richie gets a taste of dick and his hole filled!

  • Kyle Lovern Fucking Jos Alvarez Raw

    Kyle bends Jos Alvarez every-which-way, getting his cock deep inside.

  • Broke Straight Boys Forum Contest

    Join Sky Clesi, Kyle Lovern, Jos Alvarez and Richie West as they announce the winners of the BSB forum contest!

  • Jos Wants A Taste Of Richies Prick

    When two straight guys find themselves alone and horny, what better to do than suck cock, eat ass and fuck raw?

  • Jos Alvarez Fucks Chris Taylor

    Jos Alvarez tries out some new positions on the sweet and sexy Chris Taylor.

  • Jos Unleashes Johns Big Cock

    Enjoy watching sexy Jos Alvarez and John Henry get it on as they suck each other's dick and flip fuck hard!

  • Ryan Pitt Fucks Jos Alvarez

    Jos Alvarez gives himself over to Ryan Pitt as they find a secluded spot outdoors to have a quick fuck and bust a nut!

  • Jos Fucking Dorians Hole Bareback

    Jos Alvarez shows Dorian Kross his deep-throating skills and then bends him over and shoves his big thick cock into his tight hole.

  • Jos Alvarez And Max Jay Flip Fuck

    There's no arguing about who has to bottom this time as both Max Jay and Jos Alvarez get sucked and fucked in this flip scene!

  • Cory Parker And Jos Alvarez Flip

    Jos is back and paired with Cody to make one sexy Latino pair. These guys go hard, sucking and flip fucking each other until they shoot a huge load!

  • Jos Alvarez And Bobby Owens Flip

    Sexy Jos Alvarez and Bobby Owens take turns fucking each other. You be the judge who fucks who the best!?

  • Jonny Cox Fucking Jos Alvarez Raw

    New guy Jonny Cox fucks Jos Alvarez bareback and Jos takes every last inch of that big cock until he cums hard!

  • James Nearwater Fucks Jos Alvarez

    Jos Alvarez gets fucked hard and deep by James Nearwater, taking that cock and shooting a big load!

  • Bsb Live With Magician Jos Alvarez

    In this free bonus update: See what Jos Alvarez has in store in this BSB Live video for you to enjoy!

  • Jos Gets Caught Jerking Off By His Buddy

    Jos Alvarez and Xavier Ryan almost get caught barebacking in the stairwell as they meet up for a quick fuck!

  • Jos With Benjamin And Ari

    Enjoy a little three way fun as Jos, Benjamin and Ari lick, suck, fuck and cum for you!

  • Benjamin Getting Fucked By Jos

    Benjamin gets fucked bareback by Jos Alvarez doggy style, missionary and sideways!

  • Jos Fucking Brandon Hard & Rough

    Brandon gets a little more than he was expecting being fucked by Jos Alvarez! Little did he know that Jos likes to fuck rough and hard.

  • Jos Shoves His Cock Into Jordan

    Enjoy watching as hot guys Jos and Jordan get hard and fuck hard for you!

  • Jos Alvarez Fucks Jason Sterling

    Jason's tight hole gets stretched wide by Jos's thick cock as he fucks him bareback and deep until Jason is covered in cum!

  • Ari Fucks Jos's Tight Hole Raw

    Ari Nucci pulls down Jos's pants and starts sucking on his big long cock. He then puts his long cock bareback inside Jos' tight ass!

  • Jos Rough Fucking Xavier Ryan

    Jos Alvarez dominates in this scene giving it rough to Xavier Ryan, and Xavier takes the full length of Jos's raw cock until Jos can't take that sweet ass anymore!

  • Landon Bareback Fucks Jos Alvarez

    Newbie Landon Wells dominates in this scene, bareback fucking Jos Alvarez until they both cum harder than they ever have before!

  • Danny Cruz Fucks Jos Alvarez

    Jos Alvarez may not be bashful during sex, but he still has trouble getting started with the intro. After a couple reshoots we’ve got him talking and a few minutes later we’ve got him undressing Danny Cruz!

  • Jos Has His Ass Fucked By Hunter

    Jos gets his tight ass filled with Hunter's fat cock after these two studs get each other throbbing hard!

  • Damien Pushes His Shaft Into Jos

    Jos and Damien share a sexy energy as they get things started, kissing and sucking dick and when Damien is hard he pushes his thick shaft into Jos's sweet ass and fucks him raw!

  • Jos Puts His Big Thick Cock In Him

    Jos and Kaden's chemistry gets hotter and sexier as these two studs go down on each other and then Kaden's ass gets filled with Jos's fat and hard dick!

  • Jos Gets His Ass Filled With Tanner

    Tanner and Jos bring you a super hot scene with some sexy energy as these guys get a taste of each other's sweet cock and then Jos gets his ass filled with Tanner's big dick!

  • House Roomates Bang Each Other Raw

    Get ready for one hot scene as the two house roommates Jos and Zach get to know each other even better as Zach takes Jos's fat dick up his tight little hole!

  • Jos Alvarez Shoots His Load

    Watch newbie Jos Alvarez stroke his cock and shoot a load for the first time on BSB...and he's definitely been saving up for this cumshot!

  • Meet The New Guy: Jos Alvarez

    Meet Jos Alvarez, our newest BSB model who has had some brief experiences in the porn industry. This sweet guy has a great personality and good looks to top it take a peek and learn more about Jos!

Comments - Member's Only

Discuss Jos Alvarez with your Twitter followers

  • thurstonformen on 07/01/2023

    Would love to see a "Best Of Jos". Sexiest man ever on this site!

    • special69 on 10/04/2021

      Jos is really special, every scene of his is a pleasure to watch.

      • jlcerr59 on 12/26/2020

        I love that I can count on Jos to enjoy every guy’s feet while he’s boning them. So f-ing hot.

        • martingay on 01/28/2020

          Hi, Jos. Another fantastic video. I commented on your latest video on the video after page but I want to post it here to be sure you see how much I appreciate you. You two are wonderful together. Throw in Calhoune and it would be the most sensitive 3-way ever. I want to tell you guys something. To me you are not just porn stars, you are my friends and knowing that you are doing well makes me very happy. I've never had a body of which I was proud to show so when I watch you move and your body parts do this and that, I just marvel in how beautiful you are--each in a different way. If I offered to increase my monthly fee, could you talk management into putting you up more often? Thanks for what you do and I can't see you as straight and I mean that as a compliment. You may get a kick out of this: I've thought of hiring a private detective to locate you so I could stalk you long enough to get your attention so we could have a drink. I really admire you. Were I ever to again have a lover I would want him to be like you. Mostly because you are so sensitive to your partner's needs. Thanks to do what is not your nature to do, and best wishes for many years of success.

          • br6205 on 01/27/2020

            It is clear Jos has become a great model equally adept at both roles. As he admitted in a chat he likes guy sex.

            • martingay on 10/25/2019

              Hi, Marcus. Just a note to let you know I'm still a huge fan. My opinion is that you are the best BSB of all. Your actions are so gay-like. I wish you made more episodes. You seem to be able to turn the other guys on--they do better when paired with you. I hope you are doing well and are happy. If you ever get lonely come by and rest up. I promise not to attack you.

              • agr8catch916 on 10/23/2018

                I really enjoy the energy between Xavier Ryan and Jos Alvarez in their scenes together. Jos seems like one of those people you could enjoy going out to dinner with sans any sexual expectations.

                • coco57 on 09/17/2018

                  Jos has that IT, about him. He is pretty much the package for BSB. Smiles, willing to do/or try anything. Personable & homble. The kind of guy, when you hear he is going to be present, you know your going to have a good time.

                  • musicmikey on 03/21/2018

                    I have been away from BSB for quite some time. I came back to find Jos. What a treasure. A real BSB.

                    • sexejock on 12/24/2017

                      Jos is my favourite.... and I have seen many a hot BSB since I've been a member. His passion and his playfulness make him the sexiest guy on the site. There is more to him than a hot ass, a hung dick, and a high libido. He has that "it" factor that makes him BSB's most valuable contributor. His sincerity and his cockiness both are evident in everything he does. Don't let him get away! Jos is the reason that I'm still a member!

                      • stowe1 on 02/07/2018


                        • martyP2019 on 12/09/2019

                          Agree Jos Alvarez is my favorite too, this dude is horse hung, love that enormous cock and smooth body of JOS, like him too.