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Zeke Pounding Jos' Tight Asshole Hard & Raw

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Jos Alvarez, Zeke Weidman

Already stripped down to their underwear, and very horny, Zeke makes a move on Jos on the couch. He quickly asserts his dominance as he bites Jos’ lip and leads Jos’ head to his nice hard cock. Jos takes Zeke’s dick deep in his mouth, watching Zeke lie back and enjoy it. Zeke sees if he can take Jos’ cock even deeper when he gets him on his back and puts Jos’ cock past his throat. Jos is loving it, and moans hard as he’s getting sucked before he gets on all fours.

As soon as Zeke puts his large dick inside, Jos grunts trying to get used to it. His face alternates between pain and pleasure as Zeke thrusts harder into him. Zeke gets more dominant and mounts over Jos, pounding him deeper as Jos grunts louder from taking it. Flipping him over to his back, Zeke continues to fuck Jos harder and faster, holding Jos’ legs on his shoulders while he gives it to him. Before long, Zeke pulls out and shoots his warm load all over Jos. Horned up and about to bust, Jos stands up and hovers over Zeke before dropping a load all over his face, then swaps cum with a kiss.



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