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Benjamin Gets Fucked Bareback By Jos Alvarez Doggy Style

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Benjamin Dover, Jos Alvarez

Benjamin Dover doesn’t waste any time in getting a taste of Jos Alvarez’s sweet cock, on his knees in seconds with Jos’s dick between his soft lips, pulling that shaft in and out of his mouth.  Jos returns the favor, giving Benjamin some amazing oral as he deepthroats that cock, pulling away only to catch his breath before moving back in to get another mouthful of that delicious meat.  When they’re ready for a little more fun, Benjamin climbs onto the bed, lying on his stomach while Jos kneels behind him and lines his thick member up with Benjamin’s hole and pushing inside of him, fucking him hard with his bareback dick while Benjamin reaches down to play with himself. 

Jos’s hard pounding makes Benjamin grip the sheets and bury his face in the bed, taking that cock as Jos destroys his ass but then slows his pace a little, letting Benjamin really feel it as every inch of that shaft slides in and out of him.  Jos pulls Benjamin’s hips to the side, fucking him from a new angle until he pounds the cum right out of Benjamin, making him nut all over his thigh.  Jos takes his time as he works up to his release, loving the feeling of Benjamin’s ass around his cock, but when he pulls out he comes hard, stroking out every last drop as he rides out the waves of his ecstasy.

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