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Jos Alvarez Fucks Jason Sterling

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Jason Sterling, Jos Alvarez

Jos Alvarez and Jason Sterling are a sexy pair and we don’t want to keep our members waiting to watch their action unfold, so we get these boys started kissing and sucking cock.  Jason goes down on Jos first but tasting his cock makes him want head so bad and he lets Jos pull his cock out and work it with his mouth as he sits back and enjoys those soft lips around his shaft.  Jason straddles Jos, his hard dick in Jos’s face as Jos sucks it some more until Jason is ready to get fucked, sitting his ass back on Jos’s prick as he struggles to fit that big dick in his tight hole. 

When Jason gets every inch of Jos’s hard dick up his hole, he starts to ride it, grinding his hips against Jos as he takes that cock and then lies on his back to try a new position.  Jos pushes his cock in and out of Jason’s ass as Jason watches Jos fuck him raw, sliding the head of his swollen member in and out of Jason’s hole.  Jos gets to his knees, fucking Jason faster while Jason strokes his own cock, getting his ass spanked hard by Jos as he fills his hole up with that big dick.  A few more deep thrusts from Jos’s bareback cock has Jason spilling his cum all over himself as Jos pulls out to add his hot jizz to the mess, covering Jason with his seed as they both ride out their orgasm.

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