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Benjamin And Jos Fuck Red Head Richie In This Sexy Threesome

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Benjamin Dover, Jos Alvarez, Richie West

Jos Alvarez, Benjamin Dover and Richie West have all been together at some point in their time on BSB, but of course it’s even sexier to watch them all together at the same time, fucking and sucking and tasting each other, which is exactly what they do as they get this threesome underway!  Lying on the bed, Ben gets head from Richie while Jos sucks on Richie’s prick, Ben’s hand reaching over to stroke Jos’s cock as his other hand pushes Richie’s mouth farther down on his dick.  But Jos’s poor prick wants a wet mouth too and Ben leans over to suck on it until they change things up as Jos and Richie 69 and Ben stands behind them, rimming and fingering Richie’s hole and then sticking his cock in it, fucking Richie raw

Jos stands up and pushes his prick into Richie’s mouth while Benjamin fucks him from behind, filling all his holes up until Benjamin joins them on the bed and gets some head from Richie next.  Richie keeps sucking Benjamin’s dick like a good boy while Jos eats Richie’s ass, his tongue rimming that freshly fucked hole while Benjamin facefucks Richie. Jos gets his dick in Richie’s ass, fucking him with his bareback prick before cumming hard then crawling around to receive Richie’s hot jizz in his mouth and then Benjamin’s as he strokes out his load over Richie’s face! 

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