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Jos Alvarez Fucks Chris Taylor With Some New Sex Positions

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Chris Taylor, Jos Alvarez

Although Chris Taylor and Jos Alvarez have both been around BSB for a while, they haven’t been lucky enough to run into each other…until now.  And even better than just getting to meet is that these hot guys get to fuck!  Chris has heard of Jos’s infamously giant cock and as he mentally preps himself to take it, they lean in for some kisses, making out as Chris gets Jos naked.  Mouth wrapped around Jos’s dick, Chris sucks that cock until he’s worked Jos up to full size, joining his lips with Jos’s again as they exchange a few kisses before Chris gets his oral

Up against the window, Chris watches as Jos gags on his cock, stroking that prick with his wet mouth until they’re both ready to fuck.  Chris gets on all fours and lets Jos slide his throbbing hard member into him from behind, pumping that cock in and out of Chris’s tight hole slowly and then picking up the pace as that ass stretches around his cock.  They bring it up to the bed and Jos lies back letting Chris ride him for a while, smacking that ass as he bounces up and down on Jos’s dick and then swapping places so Chris was on the bed taking that cock.  Jos gives it to him hard and raw, fucking Chris until neither guy can hold their cum back and they shoot their load together, leaving Chris sore and covered in jizz.

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