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Three Guys Is Better Than Two. Who Wants To The Middle?

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Benjamin Dover, Jos Alvarez, Ari Nucci

Jos Alvarez, Ari Nucci and Benjamin Dover are a few of our highest rated guys and the members certainly have good taste, seeing these guys on the bed next to each other is sure to get anyone’s blood pumping!  Jos and Benjamin kiss as Ari whips out that cock and strokes himself, until Jos’s mouth finds it’s way over to that stiff prick and takes it between his lips.  Jos drools all over Ari’s cock, then gets a taste of Benjamin’s dick as he sucks it, Ari moving in to give Benjamin head too as these boys give some Benjamin that amazing oral.  But cock hungry Jos wants more and he kneels between Ari and Benjamin, both their fat dicks in his face as he sucks and strokes those shafts until those throbbing dicks need some ass! 

Ari tops Benjamin while he sucks Jos’s cock, and Jos leans forward to give Ari head while he rides Benjamin’s bareback shaft.  Ari leans forward, ass in the air as Benjamin’s cock stays deep inside and Jos stands behind Ari, pushing his own dick into Ari’s ass, already stretched full of cock Ari’s hole spreads farther to take both cocks.  As Ari’s sore hole expands around both those thick pricks, he moans for more, loving that DP until he moves forward to cum on Benjamin’s face while Jos sucks Benjamin’s dick.  Ari and Jos work on Benjamin until he shoots his load in their mouths and Jos stands up to drain his cock on Benjamin and Ari’s cute faces as they taste his cum and share one last threeway kiss.

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