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Jos Gets Caught Jerking Off On The Stairwell & Joins Him

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Jos Alvarez, Xavier Ryan

Jos Alvarez, Xavier Ryan and the cameraman decided to sneak in a little stairwell sex. Catching up with each other on the stairs, Jos whips his cock out to play with it a little before Xavier finally joins him.  Xavier is quick to unleash his big dick too, letting Jos give him head as he keeps a look out for any prying eyes.  Jos deepthroats Xavier’s dick, sucking his balls and choking on that cock as Xavier enjoys every minute of that warm, wet mouth.  But when the guys hear a door open and people coming inside, Jos pulls Xavier’s cock out of his mouth and they dress quickly, looking a little less than innocent as they wait for the intruders to pass before they undress again, Xavier sitting on the stair and inviting Jos to sit on his cock. 

Jos takes Xavier’s prick, his own uncut dick bouncing as he rides that cock and then they try a different position as Xavier bends Jos over the stairs, ass in the air as Xavier buries his bare shaft inside of Jos’s tight hole again, fucking him harder.  They pause for a minute when they think they hear something, but they’re too horny, too close to release, to care if they’re caught as they keep fucking raw, Jos begging for it harder and deeper.  Xavier gives in to Jos’s tantalizing ass, pulling out to cum across Jos’s back and then kneeling down to let Jos stroke out his load, giving Xavier a facial as he unloads his seed!

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