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Jos Gets His Tight Ass Filled With Hunter's Fat Cock

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Jos Alvarez, Hunter Lopez

We have a feeling that Hunter Lopez and Joz Alvarez are going to bring us a passionate scene, so we’re eager to get these two started as they kiss and make out.  Jos loses his pants first and Hunter doesn’t waste any time going down on him as he takes that sweet cock between his lips and sucks it, getting Jos nice and hard and then kneeling on the bed so that Jos can get a turn to deliver Hunter some oral.  Jos deepthroats Hunter’s dick, slapping that meat against his tongue and kissing Hunter’s abs as he goes back in for another taste of Hunter’s hard cock. 

When these studs are done with cock sucking Jos bends over and gets his ass fucked raw as Hunter drives his hard shaft into Jos’s tight hole, holding his hands behind Jos’s back as he fucks him deeper.  Jos turns onto his back and lets Hunter top him, getting balls deep as Jos begs for more of that thick throbbing cock and Hunter gives it to him, filling that ass up as he fucks him bareback.  Jos bends over the bed and strokes his member while Hunter pounds him from behind until Jos cums all over and then Hunter pulls out and shoots his load onto Jos’s sweet ass!

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