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  • Age: 24
  • Height: 6.0 (183cm)
  • Weight: 160 (73 kg)
  • Shoe: 11 US (45 EU)
  • Cock: 7.5 (19cm) Uncut
  • Performer Rating: 4.47/5

In his own words:

"I am a full time college student and need some extra money for school, I was nervous at first but its been a great experience."

Our comments:

"John Henry is just a good ole country boy. It has been a please to get to know him."

  • Johns Tight Ass Fingered By Denver 08-21-2019

    John's ass gets fingered and fucked by Denver Dubois, who has John cumming so hard!

  • John Henry Taking Dereks Ass 07-02-2019

    John Henry fucks Derek Cline doggy-style, but not before eating his ass out and making his hole wet for his cock...

  • John Is Back To Fuck Grey Donovan 06-16-2019

    John Henry needs a good fuck buddy for cash, we paired him with Grey Donovan so he could dominate his fuck hole.

  • John Henry And Cory Flip Fucking 04-19-2019

    John Henry is back! Well...only because we had a scene in the can. We hope you enjoy as these two sexy guys take turns fucking each other!

  • John Dominate Fucks Marcus Rivers 02-10-2019

    One of our last few scenes with John Henry, he dominates in this scene fucking Marcus Rivers until John cums intensely on Marcus's chest.

  • John Thrusts Deep Into Chris Taylor 01-30-2019

    Chris bent over, John takes him from behind and thrusts as deep as he can!

  • John Breaks In The New Guy Charles 01-20-2019

    Charles Owens continues to overcome his nerves and expand his boundaries as John Henry fills him up with his big cock and fucks him raw!

  • Jos Unleashes Johns Cock 12-16-2018

    Enjoy watching sexy Jos Alvarez and John Henry get it on as they suck each other's dick and flip fuck hard!

  • John Henry And Ethan Erickson Flip 11-25-2018

    Veteran John Henry and newer hottie Ethan Erickson flip fuck after they get a taste of each other's tight hole and sweet cock!

  • Jake Spencer Fucks John Henry 11-07-2018

    John Henry gets his ass rimmed, fucked and fingered by sexy Jake Spencer.

  • Ricky Daniels Fucks John Henry 10-28-2018

    Cute down-to-earth newbie Ricky Daniels shows John Henry some new tricks!

  • Max Jay Fucks John Henry Raw 10-24-2018

    Max Jay is in the studio to fuck the well experienced John Henry, bareback of course!

  • Bsb Live Naughty Twister Challenge 10-20-2018

    In this free bonus update: Ricky Daniels, Ethan Erickson, Jake Spencer, Jonny Cox and John Henry lube up and play twister. Recorded for Facebook Live.

  • Ryan Pitt Fucks John Henry 10-14-2018

    Ryan and John get each other worked up until they're both throbbing hard and John takes Ryan's thick dick in his ass!

  • Newbie Jonny Cox Fucking John Henry 09-16-2018

    Jonny Cox and John Henry find that they have more in common than where they live. They both know how to create hot sex.

  • Bsb Live With Magician Jos Alvarez 09-08-2018

    In this free bonus update: See what Jos Alvarez has in store in this BSB Live video for you to enjoy!

  • John Henry Fucking Richie West 09-07-2018

    John Henry and Richie West make their hot bath even hotter as these two get dirty together, sucking and rimming and dildos and bareback fucking...all you could want and more!

  • John Henry Fucks Xavier Ryan 08-26-2018

    John Henry is back in the house! We paired John up to fuck Xavier Ryan bareback!

  • John Henry Fucks Buddy Wild 08-12-2018

    John Henry gets his dick hard and sticks it deep inside Buddy Wild's tight ass!

  • Bobby Owens Fucks John Henry 07-22-2018

    Bobby Owens jabs his hard dick into John. They fuck in various positions until they each explode!

  • John Henrys Big Cock Inside Justin 07-11-2018

    Justin Dean gets pounded out by John Henry's thick, uncut cock!

  • Drake's Hard Cock Inside John Henry 06-20-2018

    John Henry is pushed on his back and fucked raw by Drake's hard cock!

  • John Henry Fucks Newbie Brad Steele 05-23-2018

    Brad Steel is here to have some fun as he is fucked deep by John Henry!

  • Ryan Bareback Fucks John Henry 08-20-2017

    After rimming John's ass, Ryan fills it with his cock and fucks John hard and raw, and after this scene it's going to be a while before John can sit down again!

  • Threeway Fuck W/ John, Romeo & Robb 07-14-2017

    John, Robb and Romeo test their fucking and sucking skills with a hot three way! Watch these guys take turns pleasuring each other until they all bust a nut and get a taste of some cum!

  • Dillon & John Henry 69 Then Fuck 07-02-2017

    John Henry preps Dillon Anderson's tight hole with some fingering and foreplay, sucking his dick while they 69 and then fucking the cum right out of him after he dominates that ass!

  • Jared Marzdon Cums With Johns Cock 06-11-2017

    You can always count on Jared Marzdon for some fun, sexy scenes...and this time is no exception! Enjoy watching as Jared and John get hard and fuck hard, finishing things off with tons of cum!

  • Romeo's Bareback Cock Inside John 05-28-2017

    John gets the ass pounding of his life when Romeo tops him, dominating him with his bareback cock until John cums hard!

  • John Pounding Kyle Porter 05-07-2017

    After some hot oral and tight ass rimming, Kyle Porter bottoms for John Henry and takes that cock like a pro until he shoots a big load!

  • Brenden Fucks John Doggy Style 04-26-2017

    John gets Brenden hot with that expert mouth, running his tongue across all of Brenden's sensitive spots then gets his ass filled witch cock as Brenden fucks him hard and raw!

  • John Henry Dominates Preston's Ass 04-07-2017

    John Henry takes charge when he's paired with newbie Preston, and he doesn't hold back! Licking Preston's face, sucking his cock, rimming his hole and fucking that virgin ass...Preston's in for a wild ride!

  • Benjamin Dover Fucks John Henry 03-26-2017

    Ben and John do it all...fingering, rimming, 69, sucking, fucking. And it's John who ends up with Ben's huge cock in his ass, pounded raw until they're both coming hard!

  • Mikey And John Henry Fuck 09-11-2016

    Mikey and John get a taste of each other's cocks before they take turns fucking each other's tight ass!

  • Oliver Saxon Fucks John Henry Raw 08-05-2016

    Oliver Saxon is slowly getting used to being with other guys, this time we break him in even further with John Henry. Enjoy as he gets a lesson in oral and then fucks John Henry bareback!

  • John Henry And Dakota Ford Raw 07-27-2016

    We're excited to bring John Henry and Dakota Ford to the studio together, and we hope you're excited too! Enjoy as both guys take turns fucking each other!

  • John Henry And Danny Cannon 11-01-2015

    John Henry dominates Danny Cannon's tight little ass, spreading those cheeks and sticking him with his hard cock until he finishes with an epic cumshot!

  • Tanner Valentino And John Henry Raw 10-21-2015

    John Henry won't be able to sit down for a week after Tanner Valentino's done with him! John gets his ass stretched by Tanner's huge fat cock!

  • John Henry And Chandler Scott 09-27-2015

    Chandler Scott gets fucked hard by John Henry's bareback cock in this sexy update full of sucking, rimming, fucking, and loads of cum!

  • Jason Sterling And John Henry 09-18-2015

    In this sexy update Jason Sterling Fucks John Henry bareback. Watch as John gets dominated by Jason's sweet cock.

  • Zeno Kostas And John Henry 08-30-2015

    John Henry is about to get his ass dominated by Zeno Kostas! Don't miss the hot action and all the sucking and fucking and cum-filled fun!

  • Owen And Zeno Fuck John Threeway 08-19-2015

    John Henry has never taken part in a threesome before, so we've brought in our sexperts Zeno Kostas and Owen Michaels to show him how to suck and fuck and take a dick from 2 guys!

  • John Henry And Gage Owens 07-19-2015

    When we pair up John Henry and Gage Owens, they don't hold back! Gage gets his tight ass fucked for the first time by John's hard and bare cock!

  • Vadim Black And John Henry 07-15-2015

    Vadim Black and John Henry fuck raw in this hot update! These sexy studs know how to please their fans and each other as they suck, fuck and cum all over!

  • David Hardy Fucks John Henry Raw 07-08-2015

    John Henry is about to get his ass pounded hard by David Hardy! Don't miss all the hot and raw action as these guys get it on!

  • Cage Kafig And John Henry Raw 04-12-2015

    John Henry's first time taking a dick up the ass is a success, and Cage Kafig sure seems to enjoy that tight, untouched ass as he fucks it!

  • Zak Parker And John Henry 04-01-2015

    The boy next door, Zak Parker, is back but this time we've paired with him John Henry to see how he likes Zak's cock-sucking skills. Judging by the cumshot...he enjoys it quite a lot!

  • John Henry Solo 03-18-2015

    Help us welcome newbie John Henry to the studio! This country boy is at ease on camera and ready to show off his big, uncut cock and sexy ass!

  • Getting To Know John Henry 03-14-2015

    Meet John Henry, one of our newbies on the set! If you've been wondering about where he comes from and what he likes, then don't miss this behind the scenes look at this cute country guy!

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  • jwhite11209 on 10/19/2018

    You did such a great job with Ryan Pitt in your last episode. You are totally hot, whether you top or bottom. Made me watch again the first time you took it from Cage Kafig (whom I miss). You have come a long way, and you are a great asset to this site. Thank you.

    • quebrado on 05/10/2016

      I was checking out other sites in the hope of finding Denver Grand with Johnny Forza from an old episode. Thanks to my interest I found this "Country Gentleman" (John Henry) with the most sensuous eyes. It did not take long for me to renew my membership to BSB. John Henry, John Henry, John Henry what can I say about you. One, I am disappointed that you are in hiatus from BSB. I understand! Education comes (Pardon the pun) first above all! It was pure joy watching your episode in "Getting to know John Henry!" A young man who's endeavors are his priority, well spoken, masculine without a hint of pretentiousness. Thanks to those sensuous eyes, your pleasant lilt in your Southern inflections. You, my "Country Gentleman" with the sensuous eyes brought me plenty of excitement. I wish you much success in all your venues in life. FIVE ***** STARS!

      • TOPMANOH on 12/31/2015

        Where you hiding John Henry? Absolute favorite.

        • alydreams45 on 08/20/2015

          John was the one that talked me into getting membership :) he's very charming and i love his country swag and open mindedness. He is an awesome power bottom and definitely loves dick! Hope hes hear to stay!

          • amuseme on 07/22/2015

            would love to see john shoot one of his massive loads in someone's mouth. Would be hot.

            • barefeet on 07/20/2015

              John is very hot. an asset to BSB. Looking forward to seeing him top. A successful bottom.

              • blue69 on 05/23/2015

                Enjoyed John bottoming. Hope he does more of these scenes- especially like to see him with Vadim

                • read333 on 05/09/2015

                  When is John's next shoot???

                  • nate1311 on 04/01/2015

                    can't wait to see him in action!

                    • read333 on 04/02/2015

                      me either im loving john henry keep this cowboy coming back!!!!

                    • jeast1035 on 03/31/2015

                      No chance this guy is straight or hasn't done anything with a guy before.