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John Henry Takes The Lead And Fucks Newbie Brad Steele

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John Henry, Brad Steele

John Henry remembers his time as a newbie a few years back, so he knows exactly how Brad Steele is feeling as he sits on the bed next to this shy guy.  To help put him at ease, John takes the lead, kissing and making out with Brad then getting on his knees to deepthroat Brad’s sweet cock as he makes him grow hard and erect on his tongue.  John stands up for a few more kisses from Brad before pushing him down to take John’s dick between his lips, sucking and licking that prick, his hands gripping John’s thighs as John moans above him. 

John gets hornier with each pass of Brad’s lips across his shaft and he pulls Brad up and gets on the bed doggy style, burying his face between Brad’s ass and rimming and fingering his tight hole before filling Brad up with his cock. Brad’s puckered hole takes in every inch of John’s hard prick, feeling that bareback dick disappear inside of him as John pushes it balls deep into Brad’s ass, fucking him hard and deep. His balls slap against Brad’s ass as John tops Brad from every position he can manage, not going easy on the new guy as he slams his cock into him over and over, breathing hard as he bends Brad in half and takes him.  That sweet little ass of Brad’s make John cum so hard, shooting a huge load on Brad’s face, chest and hair as Brad reaches for his own dick and strokes out thick ropes of cum from his uncut cock!

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