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Tanner Valentino Skips Class To Fuck His Neighbor John

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John Henry, Tanner Valentino

John Henry is about to show newbie Tanner Valentino how it’s done, and Tanner is up for a good lesson since it means getting his dick sucked!  They get in the mood with some kisses, making out as they lock lips and John kisses his way toward Tanner’s waiting cock.  John takes Taner’s dick in his mouth, trying to deepthroat that cock but it’s just too big, so John uses his hand to work it while his throat recovers, and then it’s his turn for some oral

Tanner sits on the bed and gets a face full of John’s long shaft as Tanner takes it in his mouth and slowly sucks it, cupping John’s balls while he gives him head and strokes his own dick at the same time.  They rub their cocks together before John sits on Tanner’s lap, reverse cowboy style, and slides Tanner’s fat dick inside of him slowly, barely able to take the whole length of Tanner’s impressive prick! 

When John’s ass has stretched a little, he tries to ride that bareback dick but it seems that position is just too much to handle, so he lets Tanner take it from there, letting him fuck him however he can as he gets his ass stuffed full of Tanner’s huge dick.  It doesn’t seem to matter what position they’re in, John is sore and out of breath from getting fucked raw by Tanner’s thick dick until they both cum at the same time!

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