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John Henry Is Back To Fuck Grey Donovan

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John Henry, Grey Donovan

John Henry is back for some action and Grey Donovan is ready to help him with that as these guys get right to work on each other, kissing and undressing until they’re both naked and Grey is on his knees.  Grey’s lips and hands wrap around John’s prick as he sucks him off, placing a few gentle licks on john’s hairless belly before getting another mouthful of hard dick.  John makes sure to take care of Grey next, going down on him as he chokes and gags on that big dick until he’s got Grey good and hard. 

John sits back in the chair, inviting Grey to join him and Grey doesn’t hesitate to climb right on top of John and bury John’s erect prick deep in his ass, grinding his hips against John’s laps as he fucks himself with that hard cock.  But John wants it faster, harder, deeper and he throws Grey over the bed, filling him up again as he fucks him raw, Grey’s ass bouncing with each of John’s powerful thrusts.  John and Grey climb farther onto the bed as John tops Grey, his bareback dick sliding in and out of Grey’s sore hole as he takes every last inch.  Grey leans up onto his knees, John still buried deep inside of him as Grey strokes out a huge load, his cum splattering the bed as John’s cum splatters across Grey’s back!

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