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Mikey And John Henry Flip Fuck Raw

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Mikey, John Henry

Mikey and John Henry get warmed up for a hot scene with a sexy makeout session, kissing each other deeply until Mikey works his way down south and wraps his lips around John’s cock.  Mikey works that dick with his hands and mouth, deepthroating John until his prick is hard as fuck and then it’s Mikey’s turn for some oral

John sucks Mikey’s huge cock, barely able to fit that monster of a dick in his mouth as he works to get him hard, and once he is it’s not long before Mikey’s jamming that long shaft into John’s ass!  John plays with himself while Mikey fills him up, fucking him raw and deep and making sure John can feel every inch of Mikey’s cock inside of him as he pounds him. 

They flip and it’s Mikey’s turn for some dick as he climbs on top and straddles John, riding John’s thick, bareback member, getting fucked hard as he moans with each thrust of John’s cock.  They try another position with Mikey on his back, legs spread and ass open for John’s taking as he shoves his hard cock inside, pumping it in and out while Mikey jerks himself off and covers himself in hot cum and John pulls out and adds his own jizz to the pile!

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