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John Henry Thrusts Deep Inside Chris's Tight Boy Hole

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John Henry, Chris Taylor

John Henry and Chris Taylor have both had their share lately of helping to break in the new guys, but now these two pros get to sit back and enjoy their time together…two experienced guys who know what they’re doing!  They start things off nice and easy, making out, lips pressed together in a kiss, but when John’s lips wrap around Chris’s prick he’s done going easy as he starts sucking and slurping on that cock like it’s the tastiest piece of meat he’s ever had. John’s mouth has Chris’s eyes rolling back in his head in pleasure as he grows harder and hornier by the second and then swaps places with John so he can show John his own cock sucking skills.

By the time Chris is done drooling all over John’s dick, John wants another taste of Chris and bends his legs up and spreads that ass, shoving his tongue deep between Chris’s ass and rimming his sensitive little hole.  Chris plays with himself while John plays with his hole until Chris is practically begging for John to be inside of him and John doesn’t keep him waiting, pushing his bareback cock into Chris and fucking him hard and fast.  John pounds him on his back and then turns him over so he’s face down on the bed, slamming into that ass so fast that Chris can barely take it. All that raw ass pounding has John cumming hard between Chris’s ass and Chris nuts right into John’s mouth, letting him taste that salty jizz as they exchange a few last kisses.

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