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John Henry Pounding Kyle Porter

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John Henry, Kyle Porter

John Henry places kisses along Kyle Porter’s sensitive spots, working his way down Kyle’s chest and stomach until Kyle can’t wait anymore to get at that cock and he makes John strip down.  Kyle deepthroats John’s long prick, getting him hard while they 69 and John works Kyle’s ass, rimming his entrance and biting those juicy cheeks as he gets his dick sucked

Kyle climbs on top of John and sits his tight ass down on John’s thick cock, riding that dick while he strokes his own prick.  John bucks hard against Kyle’s ass, pushing his bareback member deep into Kyle’s hole before flipping him over onto his back and shoving his cock inside Kyle’s sweet ass.  Kyle slowly plays with his hard dick while he takes it raw, spreading his legs to let John in deeper.  John goes balls deep in Kyle’s hole, getting Kyle on all fours next and fucking him from behind until he pounds the jizz right out of Kyle then pulls out and nuts across Kyle’s back, licking some of that cum up before hitting the shower and getting cleaned up!

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