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Johnny Forza Gay Porn Videos

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  • Age: 18
  • Height: 6.1 (185cm)
  • Weight: 175 (80 kg)
  • Shoe: 13 US (47 EU)
  • Cock: 8.0 (20cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.63/5

In his own words:

"I am just an outdoor guy from New Jersey. I love to go out into the woods with my friends, sometimes have a bonfire. I like girls, but I have no problem doing videos with guys for cash."

Our comments:

"When we first saw Johnny Forza, we knew that we had to have him on the site. He is straight, 18, very well built for his age, and he gets along well with everybody here. His diet pretty much consists of Burger King in between workout sessions, but aside from that, he is perfect!"

Producer comments:

"Johnny Forza is a great guy. I cannot wait to see him in the middle of a dick sandwich."

  • Bsb Tv Porn Never Sleeps - Ep 8

    The last episode of the BSB TV series is here, and it'll leave you wanting more. Get caught up in the drama and intrigue as both the models and the staff start to reach their breaking point!

  • Bsb Tv Straight Boys Gay Drama Ep 7

    Episode 7 of BSB TV chronicles more of the harsh realities of making porn, both for the models and the staff, as they struggle to get along and get their work done.

  • Bsb Tv Revolving Door - Episode 6

    In this episode the crew welcomes Damien Kyle back to the house after Jimmy ends up going home, and we get a glimpse at what happens when the boys have a little too much fun!

  • Bsb Tv Family Matters - Episode 4

    Episode 4 is here! Enjoy the next adventure with the guys as you get to see more behind the scenes drama and get to meet the girlfriend of one of the models!

  • Bsb Tv Viva Las Vegas Tv Episode 2

    Episode 2: Our boys Sergio, Paul, Jimmy and Denver head to Vegas to join in the pride festival, but it's not all fun and games, and sometimes things don't go according to plan...

  • Bsb Tv Series Season 1 Episode 1

    Its Here! The Season Premier of Broke Straight Boys TV. Now available to all BSB Members included in your membership: In this episode learn about the guys and what its like living in the BSB house.

  • Jock Stud Johnny Forza, Cage And Damien

    Damien is used by Cage and Johnny. First his wet mouth and then that sweet tight ass. Johnny fucks Damien first, going balls deep from the start. Cage's big dick fills Damien up. Both tops leave the pass around bottom's face covered with juicy man milk.

  • Canon & Forza Ditch School To Fuck Raw

    Paul has his way with Johnny's muscular ass! After getting Paul's rod slick with spit, Johnny puts his booty out. Paul takes the hint, and stuffs the man hole. Johnny grunts and groans, but takes it all like a man. After the cum explosion, the lads kiss.

  • Ian Fucks Hunk Stud Johnny Forza Bare

    Johnny's pink hole gets stretched by Ian's rod! Before the main event, Johnny slobbers all over Ian's tool. Ian returns the favor, and then Johnny takes a dick ride. He grunts and groans, but takes the deep fucking like a well made bottom boy.

  • Johnny Forza Gets His Hole Stuffed Raw

    Sergio Valen gives Johnny Forza's ass the type of meat injection it needs! First the two studs make out and suck dick. Johnny squats over Segrio's hard rod and takes a seat. He rides before Sergio takes over. He gives those pale butt cheeks a workout!

  • Hunk Johnny Forza Fucks Tristan Bareback

    Johnny Forza fills up Tristan Stiles' hot ass with hard dick! Tristan isn't sure he's ready, but once that sausage hits his joy button, he holds on to the bed and lets Johnny fuck him any way he wants. When it's all over, both lads are tired and spent.

  • Johnny, Romeo And Ian Fuck A Hole

    Ian, Johnny, and Romeo have a threesome party! Ian is used as the tasty treat in a Romeo and Johnny sandwich. His mouth gets stretched by their dicks, and Romeo fills up Ian's man hole. Johnny fucks Romeo as he stuffs Ian. All three shoot messy loads!

  • Gay Porn Pay Better Than Straight Porn

    Abel Conrad returns to be in a three-way with Paul Canon and Johnny Forza. Paul's ass get pierced by both studs. First Johnny takes it, raw. Abel follows. When it cumming time, Johnny busts into Paul's mouth. As for Abel, his seed lands on Paul's buns.

  • Muscle Hunk Johnny Forza Fucks Guy Ass

    Johnny Forza shows Skyler Daniels what it's like to get fucked! The two make out first, lip locking and spit swapping. When it's fucking time, Skyler rides Johnny like a cowboy on a wild bronco. Johnny then puts Skyler on his back for some deep drilling.

  • Jason Fucks Muscle Stud Johnny Forza

    Jason Matthews gets a revenge fuck on Johnny Forza. Before splitting the chiseled ass with dick, Jason rims the man hole. When it's juicy, Johnny straddles Jason and sits down. His hole is stretched to the max, and Jason makes sure he feels each stroke.

  • Straight Boy Gay Porn Star Johnny Forza

    We decided to spend a day with Johnny Forza and boy what a day it was! Join us as we sneak a peek into what a typical day is like for the heartthrob known for liking monster trucks, fast women, and burgers (and in that order).

  • Jock Johnny Forza Barebacks Paul Raw

    It's been too long since Johnny Forza and Paul Canon have done a scene together. In this update, Johnny fucks Paul, raw and deep. When Paul is put on his side, he's pounded like never before. It's like Johnny wants Paul's hole never to forget this moment.

  • Romeo James Penetrates Johnny Forza

    Johnny Forza and Romeo James get into raw flip-flop action. Before the pounding, there's kissing and pole sucking. Johnny fucks first, and he makes Romeo moan and groan. When it's Romeo's turn, he splits Johnny in half! The loads fly all over the place!

  • Jock Forza Fucks Adam's Tight Boy Ass

    Johnny Forza gets a chance to fuck Adam Baer's sweet ass! Raw! Adam isn't pleased at first, but after a kiss, and wet blow job, he concedes to having those full buns parted with dick. Johnny pounds away, making sure Adam will walk funny for a week!

  • Denver Gay Pridefest W Gay Porn Models

    Check out Denver Pridefest and see the boys enjoy the festival and the parade, watch as Kaden gives a few hot lap dances, and hear from a few fans who came out to meet the boys--some as far away as China!

  • Johnny Forza Fucks Kaden's Furry Hole

    Newbie Kaden Alexander will soon be the Broke Straight Boys' resident bottom slut. In today's hot update, Johnny Forza breaks Kaden's big ol' booty in two, filling it up with man meat. Kaden calls to the gods, but doesn't once ask Johnny to stop fucking!

  • Johnny Forza Pounds High School Boy

    Johnny Forza gives Ian Dempsey the fucking of a lifetime. The bottom is pounded doggie, on his stomach and with those thighs in the air. Johnny doesn't show his bottom any mercy. Fucking him balls deep with each stroke. The loads are large and juicy!

  • Jason Sits On Johnny Forza's Big Cock

    Johnny Forza wants Jason Matthews' hot ass. Jason wants him to have it, but needs to take some licks at Johnny's johnson. After that's done, Jason rides Johnny like a crazed bronc rider. He grunts and groans until he pops a creamy load all over his chest!

  • Johnny Forza Fucks Donkey Dick Guy

    Duncan Tyler returns for a Johnny Forza pounding. Johnny shows no mercy, fucking the donkey-dicked bottom doggie and on his back. Duncan groans but his special spot can't handle the pressure. He shoots a juicy load. Johnny pulls out and does the same!

  • Straight Talk (episode 3)

    In this installment of Broke Straight Boy's newest talk show Straight Talk, Sha sits down with hotties Johnny Forza, Adam Baer, Liam Corolla, Ayden Troy, and Skyler Daniels to discuss questions we're all curious to know...

  • Jock Johnny Forza Barebacks Liam

    It's been too long since Liam Corolla's ass has been given a proper treatment. Johnny Forza fixes that by fucking the boy. Bareback. Liam straddles Johnny, but when the pounding starts Johnny takes control. Each stroke is balls deep until the sloppy end!

  • Ms. Sabrina's Furnishments: (episode 2)

    In this episode, Ms. Sabrina challenges the boys to a game of "sex-slang" and other delicious fun. You won't believe what she has the boys do.

  • Adam & Johnny Suck & Fuck Underwater

    Join Broke Straight Boys stars Johnny Forza and Adam Baer as they "go deep" underwater in an exclusive sneak peek behind their hot new pool scene. Adam sure did suck cock really well underwater. What about Forza?

  • Straight Boys Suck Fuck Underwater

    A special treat - Johnny Forza and Adam Baer fuck underwater! Raw! The two frolic and play before swim trunks are removed. Both go under to blow and the camera follows them. Then Johnny puts his legs in the air and Adam fills him up to the max.

  • At Least I'm Not Bottoming

    This 3-way is too hot to handle! So much raw fucking you are bound to bust early and often! Blake Bennet is the meat in this spit roast. Johnny Forza and Brandon Beal use and abuse his man hole. BSB will never be the same after this update!

  • My Bro Deep Throats Better Than My Girl

    In today's update Johnny Forza and Jerek Miles work on their deep throating skills. Johnny opens wide and swallows as much he can of Jerek's thick tool. Jerek shows how it's done, taking Johnny all the way to the pubes. All that meat makes Jerek explode!

  • Harlem Shake

    Broke Straight Boys presents the Harlem Shake. The cast and crew (Johnny Forza, Sha, Aiden Tyler, Adam Bauer, and more).

  • Straight Boys Gay Porn Revenge On My Ass

    Johnny Forza and Tyler Blaze fuck each other with raw intensity! Johnny is plugged first. He moans and groans, but Tyler takes his prize. Tyler lays down on his stomach for payback. Johnny gives as good as he takes. At the end, Tyler gets a cum coating!

  • Straight Talk With Gay Porn Models

    Join America's "porn-cultural" consciousness with Straight Talk, our newest Behind the Scenes offering. Straight Talk promises to bring you exciting news and information from Broke Straight Boys and the gay porn industry.

  • Bro Gets Revenge Guy Ass Fucking Raw

    Brandon Beal gets his "revenge" on Johnny Forza with a raw fuck. The two slurp each other's tools, and when that's done Johnny straddles Brandon. Johnny can't tell if he's in pain or ecstasy. Brandon knows exactly where he is, as he plugs that hole up!

  • Gay Porn Johnny Forza Venus As A Boy

    Venus, the Roman Goddess of love, pleasure, and procreation, was so beautiful the gods feared that their rivalry over her would lead to war in Heaven. Now, imagine if Venus were a boy!

  • Always Wanted To Fuck A Jersey Boy

    Joey Conrad and Johnny Forza spent some time together before this shoot. It's clear Joey is in love/lust, and works hard to get his new best friend off. He slobbers all over the Jersey's boy's tool, and doesn't wince once when Johnny stuffs that man hole!

  • Lucas Doing Gay Porn For Housing

    In this episode, Lucas "comes clean" as he prepares for his big bareback scene with Johnny Forza. Also, catch a sneak peek at Mike's First Time, the next big update from the Behind the Scenes team!

  • Cherry Popping & Creampie Bareback

    Lucas Weston is getting his cherry popped raw fucked by Johnny Forza. The New Jersey stud deep drills Lucas' virgin hole like it's his personal property. The virgin cries, curses, and hollers but doesn't beg Johnny to stop. Johnny gives Lucas a cream pie.

  • New Gay Porn Studio Tour With Forza Pt 2

    In this episode, Johnny Forza is simply out of control. The BSB boys are enlisted to help in setting up the new studio and things quickly get out of hand. Don't miss Johnny Forza dry humping Jerek Miles, Sha dining on a cardboard box, and & Joey Conrad.

  • New Gay Porn Studio Construction Part 1

    Go back in time and catch a glimpse at the new set where your favorite BSB & College Dudes scenes were filmed. You won't want to miss this sneak peek with Johnny Forza, Joey Conrad, Sha, & Jerek!

  • Johnny Forza & Teen Boy Max Suck Dick

    Johnny Forza and Max Flint take care of each other in this all oral video. The two start out with kissing and licking before Max opens his mouth to take care of Johnny's needs. Johnny returns the favor and the scene ends with cum landing everywhere!

  • Forza Gets His Teen Boy Ass Cherry Pop

    Virgin Boy Johnny Forza finally gets a cock up his ass! First time cherry popping courtesy of Carson Hawk! Johnny is apprehensive about it all but once he gets used to having his prostate poked but soon he moans like a party time bottom boy.

  • Bsb Presents: Happy Holidays

    Johnny Forza shows the newbies how it's done in this special update. Happy Holidays from Broke Straight Boys!

  • Forza Pops Carson's Ass Cherry

    The last time Carson Hawk was on the BSB bed, his perky ass was rimmed. In this video, his hole accommodates something bigger: Johnny Forzas diamond hard dick! Carson is worried about being violated, but once Johnny enters neither lad can get enough!

  • Gear Head Straight Guy Dick Serviced

    Paul Canon and Johnny Forza share the couch in today's update. They kiss and help each other out in the way that men can do. This vid has a surprise, but don't worry. No spoilers will be shared. Just be ready to see what happens when Paul is excited.

  • Forza Says Don't Tell My Girlfriend

    Brandon Beal gets a meat injection from Johnny Forza. Both of Brandon's holes get stuffed, and he has a taste of pillow when Johnny enters that moist man hole. It hurts at first, but soon Brandon moans like he was born to be a pass around bottom!

  • Johnny Forza Sucks Cock For Car Parts

    Johnny Forza offers some BSB lessons to newbie Damien Kyle. Damien is a quick learner and does his best to give Johnny the best blow job he's ever had. There's lots of cumming and moaning from both lads. A video that should not be missed!

  • Two Straight Hot Jocks Fuck For Money

    Johnny Forza and Denver Grand star in this weekend's sizzling update. Denver gives up his succulent backside for Johnny to explore. The blond stud rides Denver all over the BSB bed until both release juicy loads! You don't want to miss this video!

  • I Like Cars, Beer, Girls & Money

    Johnny Forza, and his chiseled body, has returned to fuck the cum out of a nervous Blake Bennet. He has every reason to be worried about Johnny's big dick, but once he's used to it Blake's whole body shakes with desire. Neither boy will forget this scene!

  • Johnny Forza & Ayden Troy Suck Cock

    Ayden Troy and Johnny Forza meet and our couch will never be the same. This was Ayden's first time servicing a guy and wowza! He's a quick learner! Johnny is no slouch either. Both are straight but know what a good blow job is. They are BSB naturals!

  • Johnny Forza First Time Fucking A Dude

    We've all been hoping for this. Johnny Forza's is going to fuck another dude! Trey Evans is the lucky lad to be Johnny's first male tail, and Trey will be walking funny for a week. Johnny might be new, but he knows what a bottom wants.

  • Forza's First Time Blowing Another Dude

    Each time Johnny Forza films with BSB, he insists he's done. However, he always returns to cross more boundaries. Today Spencer Todd will place his red rocket in Johnny's picture perfect mouth.

  • Straight Boy Johnny Forza First Blowjob

    Hung hottie Johnny Forza returns, even though he was certain he was done! He's paired with another monster meat model, Zane Tate. Zane shows Johnny what a talented tongue can do.

  • Car Lover Johnny Forza Strokes His Cock

    What's not to love about Johnny Forza? A chiseled body, sexy smile, and a dong that would give a few professionals distress. He says a solo is his limit. Let's hope he's lying!

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  • Bmilnes61077 on 01/17/2024

    He is one of my favorites on this site

    • anonymous on 09/07/2023

      I joined his Only Fans and he is still straight.

      • GayPornLover on 06/22/2023

        Johnny is a god. He is so stunning, manly, hot and just everything.

        • Bmilnes1977 on 12/20/2021

          I wonder what Johnny is up to one of my favorites on Brook Street boys I bet he's even hotter now that he's older and more mature

          • anonymous on 11/17/2021

            Best top, amazing top

            • calbum123 on 09/22/2018

              Perfect 😍

              • patlit on 09/28/2017

                easily the hottest model ever to join the ranks of bsb.

                • anonymous on 09/21/2016

                  come back please~

                  • Hockeyman39 on 04/12/2016

                    I still Miss Johnny Forza and wished that he would of been fucked even more too! He always had such a great ass & hole too! I would love to rim his ass & suck him off too!

                    • alanning on 04/11/2016

                      Johnny is the top all time model on this site! It was a big mistake for BSB not to renew his contact!